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they used to have films of movies and showed them. digital films are holigrams, holigraphs and DVDs

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Digital movies have nothing to do with holograms or holographs. Old movies were recorded as a series of pictorial images. For digital movies, the same information is recorded but now each image is stored in digital form. Also in this time it means that the movie won't be 3d

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Q: What is digital movie at movie theater?
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Where can one find digital cinema theaters?

Many of the movie theaters in operation today are digital cinemas. The best way to find one near you is to call your local theater and ask them. If that particular theater is not digital, they may be able to direct to a local theater that is.

Are movie theater movies HD?

Movie theaters do show all their movies in HD. They have top of line digital projectors and high quality files from the studios themselves to showcase the newest movies. You are getting excellent picture and sound typically from a movie theater.

Does the white house have movie theater?

they do have a movie theater

What do you call the place where you watch a movie at the theater?

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What is the key process behind Dolby Digital?

Dolby Digital is an audio compression technology. It is utilized today in a variety of different consumer electronics, from BluRay DVD's to movie theater sound systems.

Can you swear at the movie theater?

Yes,but no because if you swear at the movie theater,the manager will kick you out,or the manager will ban you from the movie theater.

When will 'Avatar' in 3D be in Whitehall Montana?

Avatar is playing in digital 3D at the Carmike Plaza 6 in Butte. That is the closest theater showing the movie.

What is a digital theatre as opposed to a regular one?

A regular theater uses film reels that are shipped in. A digital theater downloads the film onto a hard drive.

What is the nucleus of a movie theater?

the nucleus of a movie theater would have to be the person that runs the theater like the owner.

What is the full form of DTS in sound?

DTS is "Digital Theater Systems" (or sometimes just Digital Theater System). It used mainly on DVDs and in movie audio tracks, but was used for short while on the obsolete "Laserdisc" format. DTS is also the audio on many DVD-Audio discs.

How do you make movie theater butter?

You don't. Movie theater butter is just drenched with butter. There is no actual recipe for movie theater butter.

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