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Back in 1962 the French Foreign Legion had its elite units disbanded, its heavy weaponry (tanks, cannons, etc) taken away and was downsized to 8,000 men, a figure it keeps today. Wikipedia lists is at 7,700 men, and the vast majority of its force doesn't serve for more than 10 years, around 30-40% of the men it hires not finishing their first five-year contract (one of the highest levels of desertion of any military in the world).

For comparison, the United States Marine Corps, the smallest foreign-deployable branch of the US Military, is 200,000 men strong.

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In 2007, 24% of French Foreign Legion recruits were French citizens.

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Infinite. There's no limit.


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Q: What is the size of the french foreign legion?
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When was French Foreign Legion created?

French Foreign Legion was created in 1831.

Where do you get the recruitment form for french foreign legion?

See: French Embassy and French Foreign Legion

What country has the Foreign Legion?

Many nations have had a "foreign legion", but the French Foreign Legion is the most popular.

When was French Foreign Legion - song - created?

French Foreign Legion - song - was created in 1958.

When was the French Foreign Legion established?

The French Foreign Legion was created in 1831 by the then King Louis-Philippe.

When did the french foreign legion disband what year?

Yes the french foreign legion still exists if you google it you will find all the information.

Are there pilots in the French foreign legion?


Is there a French foreign legion today?

The French foreign Legion is still active and recrutting. Link goes to the English verion of its website.

What is the french foreign legion motto?

the legion is our country,patriotism is to the legion itself, not france

When is recruiting time for french legion?

The French Foreign Legion recruits continuously throughout the year.

Do you get civilian jail for deserting from the french foreign legion?

Yes, you will have to serve in a civilian jail and also the French Foreign Legion jail for desertion.

The french army was known for its use of what?

The French Foreign Legion.