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i think ur talking about legion

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The movie was Legion.

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Q: What is the movie when the old lady climbs up the wall?
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What is the scary movie called where a old lady at a dinner tells the prego waitress her babys going to burn and the old lady bites this guy then the old lady runs up the wall onto the cielling?

The name of the movie is Legion..

Who is the devil in the devil movie?

The Old Lady

Was the old lady in the movie devil the devil the entire movie?

Yea she was

Who is the monster in the movie devil 2010?

The old lady:)

Who is the Devil in the new movie Devil?

The old Lady is the Devil

Is everybody from the titanic the movie alive right now?

Everyone is still alive except the old lady that of corse played the old lady in the movie she actually just died this year. (2010)

How do you get past the fans in Doomtown in Lego Indiana Jones 2?

Not sure if this is accurate, but we searched for clues when my 6 year old son had the same question, and then this is how he passed it. Get both Indy and Mutt on top of Arnies (jump on awning's. Mutt climbs to the top of the rock wall, then builds a ladder. Indy climbs ladder and pulls down the water tube. Mutt climbs rock wall again, then cuts a rope and pulls down a bridge, then they both jumps off of Arnies. Mutt or Indy gets on motorcycle and cross the bridge.

What is the name of that old horror movie where the an old lady on a chair which is attached to a rail is thrown up the stairs and out the window?

This happens in the first Gremlins movie.

What is the movie with the satanic cult and demon old lady after a little girl There was a scene where the old lady sticks knitting needles into a bleached blonde guy's eyes it could be tv or movie?

The movie is "Bless the Child" starring Kim Baysinger & Jimmy Smits, released in 2000.

In which movie were the words your going to die an old Lady warm in your bed spoken?


There was a family dinner scene where an old lady was singing I got rhythm and everyone else was ignoring her what movie was that?

the movie is an american in peris

What was that movie called about an old lady whos husband dies and she sell marijuana to save her house?

The movie was called Saving Grace