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It's about a girl named Ahiru (Duck, in English) who is a Ballet dancer in a small town blocked off from the world by a giant wall. Ahiru is a terrible dancer at school (which is an art school with dancing, drawing, sculpting, in different wings) and is one of the worst in her class. She is infatuated with a boy named Mute, who is a senior at the school and one of the best dancers. His best friend Fakir (who is mean to Mute in the beginning) and his 'girlfriend' Rue (who is the antagonist near the middle) are the only people he's really friends with, though.

Mute never smiles, and he is never knowing his own opinion. It turns out, Ahiru figures that Mute is a prince from a book called 'The Prince and the Raven'. Mute broke up his own heart when the story never ended (The man who wrote it died in the middle, and so him and the raven were fighting forever and always, until he broke up his heart to seal the raven away.) He appeared in this little town where Fakir took him in when Fakir was a small boy, being his guardian of sorts.

Ahiru, wishing to bring a smile to the prince, ends up meeting the dead man who wrote the prince and the raven. He is caught in a kind of limbo, and can control the fate of the town Ahiru is in (Where animals act as people and impossible fairytale things happen.) He tells her he can bring a smile to Mute's face if she turns into Princess Tutu. This goes further because it turns out Ahiru is not even a girl to begin with. She is actually a duck. The necklace she always wears as a girl is actually the thing that turns her into Princess Tutu AND into a girl.

So, it is up to Ahiru to find Mute's pieces of hearts which reside in souls of people most vulnerable to them (like a person who wants to know things more than others gets the feeling of curiosity, and the people who are devoted to out doing everyone gets his feeling of determination.) When she sees that a piece of heart is around (her necklace glows) or someone is in trouble, she turns into a beautiful girl who can dance like none other. The thing is, if Princess Tutu ever tells The Prince that she loves him, she turns into a spec of light. So, she can never tell him what or who she is.

Fakir ends up helping Ahiru later on to get Mute's heart together (giving him emotion, and the ability to feel joy and love) and Rue ends up turning into the antagonist, wanting Mytho for herself though Mytho doesn't know if he loves Rue or Tutu. (Ahiru never tells Mute that she is Princess Tutu.)

It's a fairy tale more than anything, full of authentic dancing and music, plus funny scenes and drama.

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Q: What is the show Princess Tutu about?
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Is princess tutu real?

no princess tutu is not real she is made up in a book the prince and the raven thay also made a show

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Will Princess Tutu ever have a sequel?

There is no second season of princess tutu, but i wish there was.

How did princess tutu get its name?

tutu refers to goodness . so tutu aculy got that name by her goodness way before any of the people met the princess

Is princess tutu a comic?

"Princess Tutu" is a 38 episode anime series with 2 manga graphic novels .

In what episode of Princess Tutu does Rue find out she's not the raven's daughter? This should help. If you can't see the link, then it's Akt 23, Episodes 33 and 34. :)

Which episode in princess tutu do fakir and ahiru kiss?

Despite what people may think the scene when Ahiru and Fakir kiss is not an episode. Rather, it is a promotional trailer for the series. If you search "Princess Tutu Promo" or "Princess Tutu Promotional Trailer" you'll find it easily.

Does princess tutu love mytho?

Heck yeah she loves Mytho! Shes loved him through the whole season she loves him!Actually Princess Tutu only thinks she loves Mytho because that is what Drosselmeyer wanted her to do. Princess Tutu truely falls in love with Fakr in the end of the series. And Fakir and Princess Tutu live happily ever after, even though she's just a duck

What is the name of the manga for princess tutu?

'Purinsesu Chuchu'

What manga has a girl trying to become a ballerina and I remember she has a duck key chain and is saved by a boy from arguing with boys on the street and its not princess tutu?

Princess Tutu's the anime

What episode does mutho and princess tutu kiss?

Mytho never kisses Princess Tutu. However, Kraehe kisses Mytho in episode 11 and he kisses Rue in the last episode.