Best Answer This should help. If you can't see the link, then it's Akt 23, Episodes 33 and 34. :)

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Q: In what episode of Princess Tutu does Rue find out she's not the raven's daughter?
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What episode does mutho and princess tutu kiss?

Mytho never kisses Princess Tutu. However, Kraehe kisses Mytho in episode 11 and he kisses Rue in the last episode.

Is princess tutu a comic?

"Princess Tutu" is a 38 episode anime series with 2 manga graphic novels .

Which episode in princess tutu do fakir and ahiru kiss?

Despite what people may think the scene when Ahiru and Fakir kiss is not an episode. Rather, it is a promotional trailer for the series. If you search "Princess Tutu Promo" or "Princess Tutu Promotional Trailer" you'll find it easily.

Which episode in princess tutu does fakir feed a duck?

Episode 8- The Warrior's Fountain

When does uzura come in princess tutu?

Uzura comes in about episode 16

Which episode in Princess Tutu do Ahiru and Fakir have their first dance?

they have their first dance in episode 6 but only dance because they were asked too.

Where can you find princess tutu clips?

you can watch princess tutu on a lot of different websites here are a few: and

Where is it possible to get a princess tutu?

A princess tutu can be bought at a wide variety of places. It can be bought at a local costume store. The princess tutu may also be bought at online auction sites.

Will Princess Tutu ever have a sequel?

There is no second season of princess tutu, but i wish there was.

How did princess tutu get its name?

tutu refers to goodness . so tutu aculy got that name by her goodness way before any of the people met the princess

What episode in princess tutu does fakir turn into a tree?

Episode 21 (towards the end). Don't be fooled by impartial episodes though. I found it difficult to find online. Best of luck!

Who is Theresa Thandeka Tutu?

She is Bishop Desmonds Tutu's daughter.