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You can go on YouTube and type in Princess Tutu English Dub and you should be able to find it.

You can also go on and on the right if you scroll to the bottom under Anime Series you'll find Princess Tutu.

Hope this helps(:

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13y ago
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YouTube is the best place. If they don't have it, try Veoh. :)

I watched the season of Princess Tutu on Netflix. So you if you have Netflix, you can use that too.

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12y ago

Try youtube, cause i saw an episode in English

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Try youtube or sometime theres a website on Google that has English dub like fruits basket

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Q: Where can you watch Princess Tutu English dubbed?
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Where can you find princess tutu clips?

you can watch princess tutu on a lot of different websites here are a few: and

Is there an English dubbed anime that involves dancing like princess tutu?

Pretear .

What channel is princess tutu on?

Im not very sure... But if u have a Playstation3 you can watch it! ^^

Where is it possible to get a princess tutu?

A princess tutu can be bought at a wide variety of places. It can be bought at a local costume store. The princess tutu may also be bought at online auction sites.

Will Princess Tutu ever have a sequel?

There is no second season of princess tutu, but i wish there was.

How did princess tutu get its name?

tutu refers to goodness . so tutu aculy got that name by her goodness way before any of the people met the princess

Is princess tutu a comic?

"Princess Tutu" is a 38 episode anime series with 2 manga graphic novels .

How do you spell the storyteller's name in Princess Tutu?

The English version of the name is "Drosselmeyer" (long dead at the time of the story).

Is princess tutu real?

no princess tutu is not real she is made up in a book the prince and the raven thay also made a show

Which episode in princess tutu do fakir and ahiru kiss?

Despite what people may think the scene when Ahiru and Fakir kiss is not an episode. Rather, it is a promotional trailer for the series. If you search "Princess Tutu Promo" or "Princess Tutu Promotional Trailer" you'll find it easily.

Does princess tutu love mytho?

Heck yeah she loves Mytho! Shes loved him through the whole season she loves him!Actually Princess Tutu only thinks she loves Mytho because that is what Drosselmeyer wanted her to do. Princess Tutu truely falls in love with Fakr in the end of the series. And Fakir and Princess Tutu live happily ever after, even though she's just a duck

What is the name of the manga for princess tutu?

'Purinsesu Chuchu'