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Hermione Granger's parents are dentists in Muggle London.

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In the books, Hermione's parents are dentists.

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Hermione Granger's parents are both dentists.

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one or both of them is a dentist.

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Q: What is the profession of Hermione Granger's parents?
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What is Hermione Grangers whole mane?

Hermione Jean Granger

What movie do you see up Hermione Grangers skirt?

I think from what I've heard in the "Chamber of Secrets" when she's making the potion in the bathroom with Harry and Ron, she's sitting criss-cross "applesauce" and you can see her panties.

Why did Hermione Granger use obliviate on her parents?

Hermione Granger wanted to protect her parents and so made them forget who they were. She made them think they wanted to move to Australia and that they didn't have a daughter because she knew the Death Eaters would torture them when she went missing. She later reversed the charm and brought them home.

Why did Hermione Granger put a memory charm on her parents?

Hermione put a memory charm on her parents to protect them from the death eaters. She made them think they were different people, who didn't have a daughter and who wanted to move to Australia. By having them move there they were safe and didn't worry about Hermione. If meant if she was killed they wouldn't spend their lives mourning their daughter because they wouldn't remember her: which also made them really hard to trace.

Does Hermione Granger have bucked teeth?

No, Hermione Granger had very large front teeth until she was fifteen. She tried to convince her parents to let her shrink them but, being dentists she was not allowed.She eventually got them shrunk when in her fourth year, when she was fifteen*, Draco Malfoy cursed her (although he was aiming for Harry) and made her teeth grow very large. When Madam Pomfrey was shrinking them she let her carry on for a little longer.*Hermione was born on the 19th September 1979 which meant she turned fifteen just after starting her fourth year unlike Harry Potter and Ron Weasley who were still fourteen.

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What was Hermione's parents profession?

Dentists, both of them.

What is Hermione Grangers whole mane?

Hermione Jean Granger

Is Hermione Grangers brother ron?


Who were the Grangers?

The Grangers are a family in Harry Potter. Hermione Granger, the daughter, is very smart. Mr. and Mrs. Granger are dentists, plus her parents are muggles, but Hermione is a wizard. That is why Draco calls her "a mudblood" in the second movie. So that is the Granger family.

How do you make Hermione Grangers beaded handbag?

it's simply threaded beads sewn onto a purple black purse:)

What is Heroine grangers favourite colour?

Blue is a color that radiates both calmness and intelligence, two traits that fits Hermione perfectly.

Did Draco malfoy save Hermione grangers's life?

No, it was the other way around: the Trio saved Draco's life in the final battle - twice.

What does Hermione's parents do for a living?

Hermione's parents are dentists. It is said several times in the books.

Who is Hermione's Grangers maid-of-honor?

Rowling does not provide any information on this, but it probably would have been Ginny.

Who plays Eric and LydiaΒ Granger in Harry Potter?

I assume those are first names you have invented for Hermione's parents. In any case, the Grangers, whose first names are not mentioned in the series, were played by Tom Knight and Heather Bleasdale in the second film and by Ian Kelly and Michelle Fairley in the seventh.

How did Hermione Granger get her name?

'Granger' came from her father's family, 'Hermione' was chosen by her parents.

Where do Hermione Granger's parents live?

Mrs Granger who was temporarily known as Monica Wilkins.