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Hermione Jean Granger

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Q: What is Hermione Grangers whole mane?
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Is Hermione Grangers brother ron?


Who were the Grangers?

The Grangers are a family in Harry Potter. Hermione Granger, the daughter, is very smart. Mr. and Mrs. Granger are dentists, plus her parents are muggles, but Hermione is a wizard. That is why Draco calls her "a mudblood" in the second movie. So that is the Granger family.

How do you make Hermione Grangers beaded handbag?

it's simply threaded beads sewn onto a purple black purse:)

What is Heroine grangers favourite colour?

Blue is a color that radiates both calmness and intelligence, two traits that fits Hermione perfectly.

Did Draco malfoy save Hermione grangers's life?

No, it was the other way around: the Trio saved Draco's life in the final battle - twice.

Who is Hermione's Grangers maid-of-honor?

Rowling does not provide any information on this, but it probably would have been Ginny.

What is Hermione's whole name?

Hermione Jean Granger.

How did Ron Weasley propose to Hermione Granger?

It says no were It will re mane a mystery

What movie do you see up Hermione Grangers skirt?

I think from what I've heard in the "Chamber of Secrets" when she's making the potion in the bathroom with Harry and Ron, she's sitting criss-cross "applesauce" and you can see her panties.

What is Hermione's cat if it is not toatally whole cat?

I think Hermione's cat is part Kneazle (if you don't know what that is read Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them)

Who are the grangers?

The Grangers are an institution, a Fraternal Order that consisted of and supported farm families. It was founded immediately after the Civil War and continues to this day.

What was a major farm organization of swing states?