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Hermione Granger wanted to protect her parents and so made them forget who they were. She made them think they wanted to move to Australia and that they didn't have a daughter because she knew the Death Eaters would torture them when she went missing. She later reversed the charm and brought them home.

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Hermione placed a strong memory charm on her parents to make them believe they were Wendell and Monica Wilkins, a couple without any children who wanted to move to Australia. She did this so the death eaters would not harm them when Hermione didn't return to Hogwarts.

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this is in case Hermione doesn't return. she doesn't want her parents to miss or worry about her so she makes it like they never had a daughter. Also to protect them from the death eaters!

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Hermione used a spell to make them forget her. She did it for their own protection. She was afraid that the Death Eaters would come after them otherwise.

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Q: Why did Hermione Granger use obliviate on her parents?
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