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Season 1:

Episode 1:

Japanese title - Chaos Control Freaks.

American title - A Supersonic Hero Appears

Episode 2:

Japanese title - Infiltrate! Area 99!

American title - Escape from Area 99!

Episode 3:

Japanese title - Dr. Eggman's Ambition.

American title - Dr. Eggman's Ambition.

Episode 4:

Japanese title - Get the Chaos Emerald.

American title - Get the Chaos Emerald.

Episode 5:

Japanese title - Clash! Sonic vs. Knuckles.

American title - Sonic vs. Knuckles.

Episode 6:

Japanese title - Fierce Battle! School Wars!.

American title - I want to be respected!

Episode 7:

Japanese title - Giant Free For All at Chris' House Party!

American title - Cream and the Flower Crown.

Episode 8:

Japanese title - Emergency Launch! X-Tornado!.

American title - Dispatch Tornado #2.

Episode 9:

Title for both - Amy on the Beach.

Episode 10:

Japanese title - Fierce Fight! Sonic Baseball Team!.

American title - Chaos Emerald, Battle at the Baseball Field.

Episode 11:

Japanese title - The Beautiful, Mysterious Thief Rouge!.

American title - Rouge, Beautiful Thief!

Episode 12:

Japanese title - Before the Attack on Eggman's Base.

American title - All out attack on Eggman's Base Part 1.

Episode 13:

Japanese title - After the Attack on Eggman's Base.

American title - All out Attack on Eggman's Base, Part 2.

Episode 14:

Japanese title - Chase After the Hero, Sonic!.

American title - Cream and Cheese.

Episode 15:

Japanese title - Raid of Egg Fort the Flying Fortress!

American title - Skirmish in the Sky.

Episode 16:

Japanese title - Aim for It! The Sunken Ship in the Southern Seas.

American title - Depths of Danger.

Episode 17:

Japanese title - Knuckles! Clenched Fists of Anger.

American title - The Adventure of Knuckles and Hawk.

Episode 18:

Japanese title - Huge Battle on the Savannah!

American title - The Dam Scam.

Episode 19:

Japanese title - Ghost of the Old Castle, King Boom Boo.

American title - Scream Test.

Episode 20:

Japanese title - Departure, Egg Fort II.

American title - Cruise Blues.

Episode 21:

Japanese title - Speed Match! Sonic vs. Sam.

American title - Fast Friends.

Episode 22:

Japanese title - Summer Vacation - Chao~ An Observation Diary.

American title - Little Chao Lost.

Episode 23:

Japanese title - Mayhem! The 6th Chaos Emerald.

American title - Emerald Anniversary.

Episode 24:

Japanese title - Wild Sonic! Strategic Capture Operation.

American title - How to Catch a Hedgehog.

Episode 25:

Japanese title - The Last Chaos Emerald.

American title - A Dastardly Deed.

Episode 26:

Japanese title - Birth! Super Sonic.

American title - Countdown to Chaos.

Season 2:

Episode 27:

Japanese title - The Beginning of the Disaster.

American title - Pure Chaos.

Episode 28:

Japanese title - The Mysterious Liquid Life-form, Chaos.

American title - A Chaotic Day.

Episode 29:

Japanese title - Amy the Captive.

American title - A Robot Rebels.

Episode 30:

Japanese title - Egg Carrier Battle.

American title - Heads Up Tails.

Episode 31:

Japanese title - Gamma the Wanderer.

American title - Revenge of the Robot.

Episode 32:

Japanese title - The Scream of Perfect Chaos.

American title - Flood Fight.

Episode 33:

Japanese title: The Puzzle of Project Shadow.

American title - Project Shadow.

Episode 34:

Japanese title - Sonic the Fugitive.

American title - Shadow Knows.

Episode 35:

Japanese title - Escape from Prison Island.

American title - Sonic's Big Break.

Episode 36:

Japanese title - A Threat From Outer Space.

American title - Shadow World.

Episode 37:

Japanese title - The Battle of the Space Colony, Ark.

American title - Robotnik's Revenge.

Episode 38:

Japanese title - Maria's Request, Everyone's Request.

American title - Showdown in Space.

Episode 39:

Japanese title - Chaotix Detective Agency.

American title - Defective Detectives.

Episode 40:

Japanese title - Eggman inc.

American title - Sunblock Solution.

Episode 41:

Japanese title - The Light is Ours.

American title - Eggman for President.

Episode 42:

Japanese title - Amy, Love's Escape Journey.

American title - A Date to Forget.

Episode 43:

Japanese title - Huge Home Electronics Panic.

American title - Mean Machine.

Episode 44:

Japanese title - The Ridiculous Epic Spy Battle.

American title - The Sewer Search.

Episode 45:

Japanese title - Sonic Battle - Opening.

American Title - Prize Fights.

Episode 46:

Japanese title - Sonic Battle - Final.

American title - A Wild Win.

Episode 47:

Japanese title - Decisive Battle on the Equator.

American title - Map of Mayhem.

Episode 48:

Japanese title - Sonic vs. a Monster from Underground.

American title - The Volcanic Venture.

Episode 49:

Japanese title - The Day the Earth Stood Still.

American title - The Beginning of the End.

Episode 50:

Japanese title - Morning of Farewells.

American title - Running Out of Time.

Episode 51:

Japanese title - Chris' Long Journey.

American title - Friends 'Til the End.

Episode 52:

Japanese title - Memories of the Wind.

American title - A New Start.

Season 3 (Final Season):

Episode 53:

Japanese title - A Messenger from a Meteor Shower.

American title - A Cosmic Call.

Episode 54:

Japanese title - The Spaceship Blue Typhoon.

American title - Cosmic Crisis.

Episode 55:

Japanese title - The Water Planet Hydo.

American title - H2 Whoa.

Episode 56:

Japanese title - Dr. Eggman Appears.

American title - An Enemy in Need.

Episode 57:

Japanese title - The Battle of the Ice Palace.

American title - A Chilling Discovery.

Episode 58:

Japanese title - The Girls' Jungle Trap.

American title - Desperately Seeking Sonic.

Episode 59:

Japanese title - Chaotix Go Into Space.

American title - Galactic Gumshoes.

Episode 60:

Japanese title - Shadow's Rebirth.

American title - Trick Sand.

Episode 61:

Japanese title - The Metarex battleship Invades.

American title - Ship of Doom.

Episode 62:

Japanese title - Secret of the Underground Canyon.

American title - An Underground Odyssey.

Episode 63:

Japanese title - Fort in Space - Metal Planet.

American title - Station Break-In.

Episode 64:

Japanese title - Clash! Sonic vs. Shadow.

American title - A Metarex Melee.

Episode 65:

Japanese title - Chaotix' Electric Love Shock Tactics.

American title - Mission: Match-Up.

Episode 66:

Japanese title - Crossing the Galaxy Corridor.

American title - Clash in the Cloister.

Episode 67:

Japanese title - the Black Trap.

American title - Testing Time.

Episode 68:

Japanese title - Above a Destroyed Planet.

American title - A Revolutionary Tale.

Episode 69:

Japanese title - Please, Marmolin.

American title - The Planet of Misfortune.

Episode 70:

Japanese title - The Eggman Armada Appears.

American title - terror on the Typhoon.

Episode 71:

Japanese title - Cafe Chaotix.

American title - Hedgehog Hunt.

Episode 72:

Japanese title - The True Form of the Metarex.

American title - Zelkova Strikes Back.

Episode 73:

Japanese title - Shadow the Assassin.

American title - The Cosmo Conspiracy.

French title - What's Happening to Shadow?

Episode 74:

Japanese title - The Lost Planet.

American title - Eye Spy.

Episode 75:

Japanese title - The Day of Plantations.

American title - Agent of Mischief.

Episode 76:

Japanese title - Battle! Dark Oak.

American title - The Light in the Darkness.

Episode 77:

Japanese title - What I Can Do For You?

American title - A Fearless Friend.

Episode 78:

Japanese title - The Place where Planets are Born.

American title - So Long Sonic.

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Q: What is the order of the Sonic X series episodes?
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How many seasons are in sonic x?

There are 40. Although there were originally supposed to be 65, the rumour going that only 40 were ever aired (whcih would explain the absence of any kind of season finale), the rumour has been disproven in an interview with Ben Hurst, the main writer. He stated that only 40 were ever made. The episodes, strangely, have various orders. Their overall order doesn't matter that much, as there are only a few that need to take place in an order: Begginnings would have to happen first, but it could be told through a flashback. Friend or Foe has to take place before the Chaos Emerald trilogy, as does the deepest fear. But aside from this, there is no necessary order.

In sonic x is shadow 50?

Shadow the hedgehog, in both Sonic x and the Sonic series of videogames, is just over fifty years old. He was created fifty years before the main Sonic games. He has aged a few months since then, although he is described in the Sonic Heroes manual as 'Ageless and immortal'.

Is there a Sonicx episode that has NiGHTS and Reala in it?

that is totally impossible how could nights and reala be in sonic X series we call it sonic X not nights X or something like that you got to be kidding me and just for the record this is the dumbest question I heard on

Where can you find the sonic x sonic and Amy kissing scene?

well they have never kissed in that series but if you stop it at certain times you can make it look like they're kissing.

Who was the voice actor for Sonic the Hedgehog?

Several different people have done voice acting for Sonic the Hedgehog.In the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM), and Sonic Underground TV series, Sonic was voiced by Jaleel White (the same actor who played Urkel on Family Matters).In the Sonic Underground TV series, the singing voice of Sonic was done by Samuel Vincent (who voiced characters in several other shows and animes).In the Sonic X TV series and the Sonic the Hedgehog games from 2005-2010, Sonic was voiced by Jason Griffith (the same actor who recorded the voice for Cilan in the dub of Pokémon Black and White, as well as other animes).In Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, Sonic was voiced by Martin Burke.In the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series from 1998 to 2004, the voice of Sonic is recorded by Ryan Drummond.The current voice of Sonic the Hedgehog in the video game series (as well as the upcoming Sonic Boom TV series) is Roger Craig Smith (the same actor who voiced Thomas in Regular Show).

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