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you can watch sonic x episodes on ,and i read the comics on YouTube.

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Q: Where can you read sonic x for free?
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Where can you read sonic x comics onlineÉ?

i read the comics on youtube, it works well.

Where can you read Sonic X comics?

i haven't found a site so i read them on youtube.

Where can you read sonic comic books for free online?

in www. sonic .com

How can you get sonic comics for free?

Well, at '', you can read the comics for free.

Where can you read the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comics?

you can read them free online with no downloading on

Where to find Free sonic comic 198?

You cannot read it online for free legally.

Where can you read Sonic X comics online for free?

There is not a place where comics can be read for free online at this point of time. Though Amazon does offer unlimited reads for around ten dollars a month and some eBook libraries may have them.

What type of Sonic is used in Sonic X prime Sonic?

If you are talking about dimensions there are so many different kinds of Sonics. In Mobius there is Prime Sonic. In Sonic X there is the Sonic X Sonic. If you read the Super Sonic Specials #10 you will see that Under Sonic and Prime Sonic fight Evil Sonic. Prime Sonic travels through dimensions by Zonic (Zone cop).

In the sonic X 16 Valentines Fray what bet did sonic lose to knuckles?

i have read all of the comics and it never says.

Where can you read sonic universe online? ;) But, first you need an account and CDisplay to read them. Don't worry! They're free!

What Sonic TV series is after Sonic x?

there is no animated sonic tv series after sonic x. sonic x IS the last sonic TV series.

Who is X in Final Fantasy Sonic X?

Final Fantasy Sonic X is just the name of an online game based on Sonic but with a battle style similar to Final Fantasy's. Check out the related link to try out the sixth episode of this free online game series.