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According to the statistics, it´s been calculated that there 1 tv per 14 people.

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there are an average of 17 per household but the number is likely closer to 12 if you take in the gravitaional pull of Jupiter

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Q: What is the number of televisions per household in China?
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How much tv does a average person watches per day?

Ninety-nine per cent of all households in the United States of America own at least one television set. There are, on an average, about 2.2.4 television sets in an American household, and 66 per cent of US homes have three or more TV sets. A similar percentage (approximately 66 per cent) watches television while having their dinner. On an average, the television is on for about 6 hours and 47 minutes per day in an American household. The annual figures reveal that Americans watch 250 billion hours of television a year. That comes to approximately $1.25 trillion a year, if you take into consideration their average hourly wage of five dollars. About 56 per cent of Americans pay for cable television and six million videos are rented daily in the United States. Three million public library movie rentals are checked out every day. About 19 per cent of people in the United States admit that they pay for a cable package that includes adult channels.

How many hours is a tv on in a household per day?

The number of hours a tv is on in a household per day is subjective to interpretation, however, the answer is limited in the sense that a typical person will not effectively benefit having the tv on during sleeping hours...unless using the tv to aid in sleeping by providing companionship or perhaps white noise. What does a typ. person sleep in a guess is 6 hrs. The need for sleep decreases proportionately with age. Not all days are the same. Weekends are different than weekdays in program broadcasting and lifestyle activities. Monday night football...Saturday movie and dinner either in real life or watching a program combo movie/dinner on tv. Even the seasons of the year would sway this answer one way or the other. Indoors more or less in summer and in winter. The answer here is undeterminable without doing specific data collection of population sampling. There are just too many variables to consider. In my opinion, the number of hours spent that a tv in on is most likely directly proportional to the number of hours being watched or utilized in some way or another. If I say 12 hours, then that leaves 12 hours for other ativites, such as: sleeping, personal hygene, traveling, just anything requiring attention enough to separate from the tv. But this does not cover the time required to make a living. The poor old sap working min. wage 50+ hours per week is quite different from a person such

How much does mike Wolfe make per TV show?

Mike Wolf is paid $10,000 per episode.

How much to television news anchors make?

$120,00K per year

How many commercials does the average child seen on TV per year?


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What is the number of televisions per household in Denmark?

As of 2012, it was recorded that there are about 2.28 televisions per household in Denmark. In comparison, the United States had 3.01 televisions per household at the same time.

What is the number of televisions per household in Mexico?


What is the average number of people per household in China?

The average number of people per household in China is three, as the fertility rate is about 1.5 births per woman.

What is the number of televisions per household in north America?


Number of people per tv in china?

number of people per TV in china.................................................

What is the number of televisions per household Senegal?

I will do have to store where place spint

What is Average number of children per household in China?


Average of televisions per household in Germany?

There are 3 TV's per Household in Germany

Number of computers per household in US?

In 2012, statistics show that there were 3 computers per household in the United States. The average of internet-connected devices, including smartphones, smart TVs, gaming consoles, tablets, and PCs is now around 5.7 devices per household.

What is the average number of children per household in china before the one child policy?

7-8 children per house

How many TVs per household US?

There are 2.

How many televisions per household?

According to in the UK there are on average 3 Tvs per household According to in the UK there are on average 3 televisions per household