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Dick York (1964-1969).

Dick Sargent (1969-1972).

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Q: What is the name of the second Darren on Bewitched TV show?
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What is the name of a TV show that starts with the letter B?


What was the name of the witch on the TV show Bewitched?

Samantha Stevens was the main witch but there were a bunch of others.

What was the name first name of mr Cravitz on the TV show bewitched.?

Abner Kravitz , played by George Tobias .

Was Dick York a gay man?

No, he was not. But, his replacement on the hit show, "Bewitched" was. His name was Dick Sargent.

Which country was the TV show Bewitched made in?

Bewitched was filmed in the United States in Hollywood, California.

Did Samantha have a cat in the tv show bewitched?

Yes, (Super)Naturally it's a black cat. I seem to recall Diana as her name.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Real Darren Stevens Show - 1999?

The cast of The Real Darren Stevens Show - 1999 includes: Darren Stevens as himself

What did tabitha call her grandmother on the show bewitched?

Tabitha called her grandmother "Grandmama," placing the emphasis on the second "ma"

The TV show Tabitha was a spin-off of what other show?

it was a spin off from "Bewitched"

Agnes Moorehead and Elizabeth Montgomery starred on this show?


What are the release dates for Bewitched - 1964 Serena Stops the Show 6-22?

Bewitched - 1964 Serena Stops the Show 6-22 was released on: USA: 19 February 1970

On the TV Show Bewitched what was the name of Samantha's mischievous cousin?

Serena, she first appeared in season two and was played by Elizabeth Montgomery as well as Samantha.