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Q: In what TV show did the characters live in a house decorated with a Rembrandt painting called 'Girl with a Broom'?
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Did Rembrandt paint a painting called The Student?

yes and another one called hump

What was Rembrandt's best known painting?

It must be the so called Night Watch.

What is Rembrandt's largest oil painting?

It is the one popularly called 'The Nightwatch'. It is 363 x 437 cm.

What is Rembrandt's field of painting?

He was a painter of the Dutch baroque era, also called 'The Golden Age'. He mainly did portraits, religious and mythological subjects. Besides painting he was a master etcher.

What is the importance of Rembrandt van Rijn painting called the anatomy lesson of professor tulp?

You cannot assess the value until it is up for sale. And it won't be.

What are eggs that are intricately decorated called?

It depends upon what method was used to decorate the eggs, and where they were made. Eggs can be decorated with dyes, paints, carving, scratching and many other methods. Different ethnic groups give these eggs different names. In Ukraine eggs decorated with dyes, and using a wax resist method, are called pysanky. Eggs decorated by painting them with oil, watercolor or acrylic paints are called malyovanky.

Why did Rembrandt draw himself portrait?

He did not DRAW it, he PAINTED it. Self portraits are good practice.

What is the style of Rembrandt's self portraits?

Rembrandt used a technique called Tenebrism. revealed the personality of the sitter.

What was Rembrandt's misnamed piece called?

The Night Watch.

What is one of Rembrandt paintings called?

The Night Watch.

What is a colorful decorated pot called in Mexico?

It is called Talavera.

Where is rembrandt buried?

At a church in Amsterdam called the Westerkerk, in an unmarked grave.