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No there are not any characters called tegan.

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Q: Is there any anime characters called tegan?
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Theres this anime im trying to find but i dont know what its called.?

What's the color of the protagonist's hair? What do the other characters look like? What is the theme of the anime?

Is luka and yuuki main characters of any anime?

According to there is 9 anime charaters with the name Luka and there is 98 anime charaters with the name of Yuuki.

Are there any anime characters who wear hoodies?

There are many, including Hideyoshi. In addition to the previous answer, a plethora of anime characters don hoodies for their everyday garb. If you'd like to look, the Anime Character Database actually has an entire tag devoted to hoodies. See the related link.

Is there any anime with a yuki onna in it?

One of the characters in Rosario+Vampire "Mizore Shirayuki" is a yuki onna

Is Storm Hawks an anime show?

Any cartoon is technically anime, but if it doesn't have that special Japanese eye style it's called Americanized anime.

I know there's no official anime for vocaloid but is there any good fanime based off the characters?


Why do people love Naruto that much?

Because the story of anime Naruto does not look like any anime story, where all the meanings of life, love, loyalty, sincerity and perseverance, and not to give in,as well to the anime Naruto characters and there are a lot of lessons learned from it.

Are there any anime with characters like Aisha Clanclan in them she is awesome and I want to know if there are any other anime that have characters like her in them If so could you please tell me?

You might like Ed ("Edward Wong Hau Pepulu Tivruskii the 4th") from Cowboy BeBop , she appears as a regular character in episode # 9 "Jamming with Edward" .

Are there any western non-anime cartoon series where male characters are barefoot during episodes?

You could try BraveStarr but I doubt it.

Any could romance anime where the two main characters who are in love start off hating a each other?

lovely complexpeach girl

What is the most common hair color in anime shows for the main characters to have?

For male is Brown Hair and Brown Eyes. But for female well any.

Any could romance anime where the two main characters who are in love hate each other?

Itazura na kiss :). Check it out I loved it