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droidekas. they are also known as destroyers.

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Q: What is the name of the rolling guys of star wars?
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What is the red guys name in star-wars?

Darth Maul .

What is the name of the evil guys in Star Wars movie?

The empire (instead of clones they hav stormtroopers)

Who would win in a battle Star Wars or Star Trek?

The Empire and the Borg The Federation and the Rebels from Star wars are good guys and would become allies in fighting the bad guys.

Are Stormtroopers in Lego star wars good guys?

No You n00b

What is another name for Star Wars?

There is no other name for Star Wars. It's just STAR WARS.

What are the guys with yellow eyes called in star wars?

They are called Jawas.

What are some reedem codes of getting some sc coins for star wars adventures?

mcplaycwa and my guys name is Dalton Skyspark add me

What Star Wars name starts with x?

X-wing fighter is a familiar name in the Star Wars universe.

What is the name for Star Wars the grocery wars?

grocery store wars

What is the name of 2016 star wars mov1e?

what is the title of star wars movie in 2016

In Star Wars the clone wars what was the name of the padone?


What planet is in Star Trek and Star Wars?

geinosisNo, there are no two planets the same in Star Wars and Star Trek. Geonosis was in Star Wars, Genesis was in Star Trek, and it wasn't even the planets real name.