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Sounds like you're referring to Captain Rex from the TV series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars"

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Q: What is the blue helmet characters name is Star Wars?
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Who was the blue arc trooper in star wars the clone wars season 3?

blue arc trooper

Is jango fett from Star Wars green or blue?


What is the name of the blue race of people in Star Wars?


How do you get all blue minikits with a cheat code for star wars the complete saga for wii?

In "LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga" for the Wii, you can't unlock all blue minikits with a cheat code. You need to complete specific tasks or challenges in each level to collect all the minikits. Cheats in the game usually provide extra studs or characters, not minikits.

Star Wars saga nickname?

Blue harvest

What Star Wars action figure has the bar-code of 5356952342?

'Star Wars Legends 2010 #15 SHOCK TROOPER Clone Blue ' which has the SKU of 5356952342 .

What is the blue star above experience on Mafia Wars mean?

absolutely nothing

In Star Wars is boba fett green or blue?

boba fett is green his father jango fett is blue.

How do you get blue mini- kits on star wars complete saga?

you go to challenge mode.

What is the name of the second Family Guy Star Wars?

Blue Harvest Part 2.

What is the code for the gray and blue robot in Lego Star wars 3 the clone wars?

You mean TX-20? The code is PE7FGD

Where are the blue minikits in Lego Star Wars the video gamede 6 chapter 4?

they are for the challanges