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Osmosis Jones!

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Q: What is the name of the movie that has a blue guy and a pill as a friend?
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Should you take the red pill or the blue pill?

In the "Matrix" flims, the blue pill represented "ignorance is bliss", not having to know the inner workings of everything. The red pill represented knowledge, but also complexity and even overwhelm. The metaphor can be distilled down to the "red pill vs. blue pill", "eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge" so to speak, vs. "ignorance is bliss" or "just go along for the ride and don't think about it".

How do you break a time release on a time release pill?

A time released pill it meant to be taken usually once and day and after consumption the medication is dispersed into your system. If the pill is broken or split ahead of time the time release function will not be effective.

Who was the late 1960's tv superhero who took a pill stored in ring to get his powers and what was the show?

The Show was called "Mr. Terrific". It took some time to track down the info, but after seeing the pictures of the cast and reading about the show, that's the one. After 17 shows, it was cancelled. He thought he was taking a cold pill, but took the power pill instead and had his powers for 60 minutes. The government guys would come around and give him assignments. He would take the pill and do what he needed to do. I used to watch this show growing up. I stumbled upon this site by accident and was hoping if someone knew the name of the show, but with some searching, I found it.

Is there a band named pill?

There's a band called P.I.L. or Public Image Limited, if you will ... but as far as Pill is concerned, I think it's free for the taking

What album is pill poppin animal on by lil wayne?

the carter

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In the movie The Matrix what color pill?


What is a small blue pill with the name ARDIN?

Ardin is a generic maker of Valium in India and a blue pill with the name ARDIN written on it is probably a 5mg Valium. Hope That Helps, Phillip Inness.

What is the name of the allergy medicine that comes in two pill form one yellow and one blue?


How To Buy Blue Xanax Online - Blue Xanax 1mg?

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What is a blue pill?

Many people use the term blue pill or little blue pill for Viagra. A slogan came about when it was used for erectile dysfunction: The Little Blue Pill That Could. It dilates arteries and was first used for angina (heart). It was also found to dilate other arteries and the effect on the blood flow was greatly increased. It moved from the bedroom to athletes on the field.

What pill is light blue with the number 623 on it?

A light blue pill with the number 623 on it is a female hormone pill that contains estradiol and norethindrone. This medication is used as an oral contraceptive.

What pill is white and blue and says bp50?

i think its a tylenol PM pill

I have a pill that I bought over the counter that is blue with 44543 imprint it is oblong. I took them out of the little wraping that had the name on the back and have no clue what it is Pls help?

go to and use there pill identifier

What is the birth name of Alison Pill?

Alison Pill's birth name is Alison Courtney Pill.

What is p50 a blue oval gel pill?

Its a sleeping pill. Helps you fall asleep.

What is a blue pill imprinted with d02?


What is a blue pill that has V15 on it?

Viagra 15mg