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i think its a tylenol PM pill

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โˆ™ 2012-08-10 09:07:30
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Q: What pill is white and blue and says bp50?
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What imprints do 30 milligram Percocet have on them?

depends, i know of two one says m 30, with a line going down the middle on the other side, and its a small white pill another says a 215 and its a small blue pill

What is purple 1 mg xanax you are used to the blue pill This is purple and says xanax on it and came in Parke-Davis packaging from abroad with Arabic and English on the packaging you are very weary?

this is a sandbar pill and is white what is it

What kind of pill is white oval and says IP 466?

I believe its IBUPROFEN

Pill is white and says West-Ward 473?

What are west ward 473

What kind of pill is a blue circle says r on top and 215 on bottom?

30mg oxycodone

What pill is white and oval and says Phillips on one side?

I think you will find there is more than one type of pill that answers that description.

What type of drug is a 451?

I have a medication that says 451 on the outside. It is a small white cylinder pill.

What kind of pill is medium size blue and says 224 on ne side?

oxycodone/roxycodone 30 mg

Found white oblong pill says pvk 500 and gg 950 on it with split in middle?


What kind of pill is oblong and white and says pvk-500?

Penicillin VK (penicillin) 500 mg

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