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Thriller by a long shot.

Thriller has 110 million sales Best of the Eagles has 42 million

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Q: What is the highest grossing album Best of the Eagles or Thriller?
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Highest grossing album of all time?

There were two albums that were the highest grossing of all time. The Thriller album by Michael Jackson and The Eagles Greatest Hits.

What is the highest grossing musical album of all time?

Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Who has the highest selling album?

Michael Jackson his album Thriller

What is the second highest grossing album in history?

AC/DC | Back in Black

Highest grossing album?

Michael JacksonThriller1982Pop / Rock / R&B110 million copies

Best selling album ever?

Thriller by Michael Jackson

What is the highest grossing beatle album?

Abbey Road, it had received the most publicity of its time

What is highest selling album?

Album: Thriller Artist: Michael Jackson Genre: Pop Date Of Release: December 1 1982

What album was the song thriller on?


Who mad the album the thriller?

Michael Jackson recorded the album and song "Thriller."

When was Thriller - album - created?

Thriller - album - was created on 1982-11-08.

Which album had P.Y.T on it?

Thriller and Thriller 25.