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So ive heard..."Keeping in mind that Thriller was an album released in the early '80s and no other album has surpassed its record sales, not even Backstreet Boys, it can be crowned the title as the king of all pop albums." [Editor's note: Using your criteria, The Eagles: Their Greatest Hits is the SECOND best of all time.]

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Q: Who had the largest selling album before Thriller?
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What is the largest selling album?

Thriller - Michael Jackson

Largest selling album?

Thriller by Michael Jackson (over 110 million copies)

Is Thriller the best selling album of all time worldwide?

Yes, Thriller was the best selling album worldwide since 1983, Thriller is by artist Michael Jackson

Which album was the best selling album of all time?

it was thriller

Who has the highest selling album?

Michael Jackson his album Thriller

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Who had the best selling album in the world?

Michael Jackson's Thriller album

What was the best selling of Michael?

if you mean best selling album it is thriller.

What is the best selling album of the time?

the best selling album of all time is Michael Jackson's Thriller album (1983)

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Was thriller the best selling album ever?