What is the first werewolf movie?

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Actually, Werewolf of London predated The Wolf Man by several years. The Wolf Man was released in 1941, while Werewolf of London hit theaters in 1935. Both were from Universal.

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Q: What is the first werewolf movie?
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Who produced the first werewolf film?

The Werewolf, produced in 1913 by Universal Studios is believed to be the first movie in the Werewolf genera. Unfortunately all the copies of it are believed to be destroyed or lost.Wolf Blood, directed by George Chesebro and Bruce Mitchell in 1925 is the oldest werewolf movie for which there are still existing copies.

Is Taylor Lautner a werewolf?

No he played a werewolf in a movie.

Does Bella find out in twilight that Jacob is a werewolf?

No, she finds out in New Moon because he turns into a werewolf in that book/movie (: She actually finds out in the first movie, through a series of common deductions.

In The Twilight Saga new moon movie is Sam's wife a werewolf as well?

Emily is Sam's fiance, not yet his wife, and no -- she is not a werewolf. Leah Clearwater is the first and only female werewolf in Quileute history.

Can a girl become a werewolf?

Become a character in a werewolf novel or movie.

Complete the movie title: An American Werewolf in?

American werewolf in Paris It also could be American werewolf in London.

Who acted the werewolf in underworld?

William corvenus was the white werewolf and the first werewolf. lucian was the first lycan and Michael was the funny green werewolf but hes a hybrid :)

Did the myth of the werewolf start from a movie?

No. The werewolf myth goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years.

What does Lycan mean in underworld the movie?

It means werewolf

What is the werewolf movie ever?

Does New Moon count That's the BEST movie ever

What was the first werewolve book about?

A werewolf.

Who is the first werewolf?

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