What is the first line of the hobbit movie?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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there for my king shall die

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Q: What is the first line of the hobbit movie?
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Will there be a 'The Hobbit' film?

Probably, New Line Cinema is working on putting the movie together.

What movie should you watch first The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings?

The Hobbit, but really, you should read the silmarillion. It explains the whole Lord of the Rings Lore. but the hobbit, then the lord of the rings; Although, not all of the films for the Hobbit have come out

What is the hobbit book based on what movie of the hobbit?

Tolkien's vast imagination.

Will there be a Hobbit 4 and Hobbit 5 film if so what will they be called?

No, the third movie concluded the Hobbit movie series. The events at the very end of the Hobbit, lead on to the events of the beginning of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

What is a website for 'The Hobbit'?

{| |- | The Hobbit is not available legally on line. Reviews and excerpts can be found on most of the book sellers' sites. There are many fan sites that talk about the books. There will be numerous sites about the upcoming movie as well. |}

Where can you buy The Hobbit the movie premiere tickets for the first showing in New Zealand?

at weta workshops

When does the movie The Hobbit come out into theaters?

The hobbit comes out on December 19th 2012.

Where is the DLC for the third hobbit movie for Lego the hobbit?

The third movie for Hobbit has only just come out so some of the DLC content for the games has not yet been put out to the public.

Who started a story with 'In a hole there lived a hobbit'?

JRR Tolkien's book The Hobbit starts with that line.

Which is the first Hobbit book to read?

'The Hobbit' of course!

Is the hobbit going to be a two part movie?

Yes , The Hobbit will be a two part movie with "An Unexpected Journey" being the first and due to be released 14 December 2012 whereas the second film "There and Back Again" is to be released 13 December 2013 .

When is 'The Hobbit' going to be released?

Part One of the Hobbit movie will be released on December 19, 2010.