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I believe that the goblin king is named Bolg, son of Azog

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There is no gremlin the The Hobbit.

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gollum i think

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Q: What is the name of the gremlin in the movie The Hobbit?
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What is the name of the nice gremlin in the movie?

His name is Gizmo

What is the name of the boy in the Gremlins movie?

The Main Character (GREMLIN) in the film Gremlin was called ' Gizmo '. ----------------------------------------------------------------- That is NOT the answer to the question......this is: STRIPE Gizmo was not a Gremlin. He was a Mogwai. STRIPE was the main Gremlin.

What was the name of the good gremlin in gremlins movie?


What is the name of the elfin lady in The Hobbit?

In the book The Hobbit, there is no Elven lady. In the movie, Galadrieal makes an appearance.

What animal is a furby?

A furby is not a real animal. It is a toy that is supposed to look like a "Gremlin" from the movie of the same name.

Where can you buy a real life gremlin? can't buy a Gremlin in real life. It's just a movie. Is this some kind of joke? Not funny. Just a waste. You cannot buy a gremlin. They do not exist.

What is the name of the smart gremlin from the movie gremlins 2?

her name was fifinella No, her name was Greta. Fifinella was a character invented by Roald Dahl. Sorry, my father told me stories about fifinella from the day I could remember (before Ro Dahl). The female gremlin was definitely Fifinella. She and Widget and Flibertygibbit (who were both male, one of them being the Spade Nosed Gremlin) helped to destroy airplane landing fields in Great Britain during the war. I am 60, and I remember these stories when I was no older than 5.

What was the good gremlin's name in Gremlins?


What was the name of the gremlin who had the white spiked hair?

his name is Spike

What is the hobbit book based on what movie of the hobbit?

Tolkien's vast imagination.

Will there be a Hobbit 4 and Hobbit 5 film if so what will they be called?

No, the third movie concluded the Hobbit movie series. The events at the very end of the Hobbit, lead on to the events of the beginning of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

When does the movie The Hobbit come out into theaters?

The hobbit comes out on December 19th 2012.