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Episode 20

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Q: What is the episode of higurashi when rika stabs herself?
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What is rika's last name in higurashi no naku koro ni?


Does satoko ever bully anyone in higurashi?

Yes, in one point in the show Satoko snatches a book out of Rika's hands and taunts her. Rika loses it and pwns Satoko with a chair. . _ .

What anime girl has long blue hair?

Hanon and Noelle from mermaid melody. Konata Izumi from Lucky star. rika from higurashi Miku from Vocaloid.

What are the Names of the main characters from the anime Higurashi?

Shion Sonozaki Mion Sonozaki Keiichi Maebara Rena Ryuga Rika Furude Satako Hojo

Who are the characters of higurashi no naku koro ni?

the main characters are: Mion Sonozaki, Shion Sonozaki, Rena Ryuuguu, Satoko Houjo, Furude Rika (you could say the more important one to the story) and Keichi Maebara.

What does nipah mean?

If you mean NIPAH which the character from Higurashi no naku koro ni, Rika well it has no meaning. She made it up. Sometimes it's her sign of when she changes to her sweet personality. So it's a cute made up word! Hope that helped!

What is the birth name of Rika Ishikawa?

Rika Ishikawa's birth name is Ishikawa Rika.

What is the birth name of Rika Izumi?

Rika Izumi's birth name is Rika Izumi.

What actors and actresses appeared in Songs from the Inside - 2012?

The cast of Songs from the Inside - 2012 includes: Ruia Aperahama Ruia Aperahama as himself Annie Crummer Laughton Kora Warren Maxwell Warren Maxwell as himself Don McGlashan Anika Moa Anika Moa as herself Maisey Rika Maisey Rika as herself

What is maisey rika's sons name?

hairini rika

What actors and actresses appeared in Rika wa pichi-pichi - 1994?

The cast of Rika wa pichi-pichi - 1994 includes: Rika Nanase as Rika Mizutani

What actors and actresses appeared in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira - 2011?

The cast of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira - 2011 includes: Chafurin as Kuraudo Oishi Grant George as Keiichi Maebara Mika Kanai as Satoko Hojo Mela Lee as Rena Ryugu Mai Nakahara as Rena Ryugu Toshihiko Seki as Kyosuke Irie Yukari Tamura as Rika Furude Satsuki Yukino as Mion Sonozaki