What is ojamajo doremi about?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is about a girl named Doremi and she goes wandering around and finds a shop named Maho Dou and meets a person named Majo Rika and finds out she is a witch and turns her into a Magical Frog and Majo Rika decides to make her a witch apprentice so Doremi can become a witch after passing 9 exams, and turn Majo Rika back human.

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Q: What is ojamajo doremi about?
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What is the next series in ojamajo doremi sharp?

after ojamajo doremi sharp is ojamajo doremi motto

Is there going to be a Ojamajo Doremi season 5 or am I hearing rumors?

technically there is not going to be a 5th season but there are 5 sections of Ojamajo Doremi. Here are the names listed in order as they came out. # Ojamajo Doremi # Ojamajo Doremi # (sharp) # Ojamajo Doremi Mo~tto # Ojamajo Doremi DOKKAN # and Ojamajo Doremi Naisho the confusing part is that Naisho is an OVA that takes place befor DOKKAN but if you want to watch it in the order that it was ment to be in follow my list.

What are the ojamajo doremi seasons?

The seasons are as follows: -Ojamajo doremi carnival (season 1) -Ojamajo doremi sharp (season 2) -Ojamajo doremi motto (season 3) -Ojamajo doremi naisho (side story of season 3) -Ojamajo doremi dokkan (season 4) They can all be found on youtube but motto and dokkan won't be English subbed.

What is Zutto Ojamajo Doremi?

zutto ojamajo doremi is not a season . it has only some wallpapers . maybe someone is making new season of it.

Does the Flat4 come back in ojamajo doremi motto?

The FLAT4 never appear in Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi. They return in Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n!, the following series.

In which ep is the flat 4 in ojamajo doremi is?

its in episode 31 in Ojamajo Doremi sharp. to see each individual one go on Wikipedia to find a list of ojamajo doremi episodes

How many episodes does motto ojamajo doremi have?

"Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi " has 50 episodes .

What is the copyright of Ojamajo DoReMi?


Will Akatsuki-kun and Doremi be together?

No, because Doremi love Kotake-kun in Ojamajo Doremi 16.

What is the name of theme song of ojamajo doremi motto?

Ojamajo de Ban Ban.

Where can you watch Ojamajo Doremi?

On youtube. Its hard to find it even on youtube! Search ojamajo doremi.

What are the release dates for Ojamajo Doremi - 1999?

Ojamajo Doremi - 1999 was released on: Japan: 7 February 1999 Italy: 2001 USA: 10 September 2005