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there is ojamajo doremi sharp (Magical Doremi series 2) Which is a magical doremi after the last episode but ya have to watch it in Japanese with English subtitles because it hasn't come out in English yet. (Ojamajo Doremi is better, by the way cuz its was changed and edited terribly)

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Q: When will they show season 3 of magical doremi?
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Is there a magical do re mi season 3?

there is but you'll have to watch it in Japanese with English subs cuz the English part hasn't come out yet... and if it will it will be changed and the magical doremi in Japanese is called "Ojamajo Doremi"

What are the ojamajo doremi seasons?

The seasons are as follows: -Ojamajo doremi carnival (season 1) -Ojamajo doremi sharp (season 2) -Ojamajo doremi motto (season 3) -Ojamajo doremi naisho (side story of season 3) -Ojamajo doremi dokkan (season 4) They can all be found on youtube but motto and dokkan won't be English subbed.

Anime show with a pink girl blue girl and yellow girl young girls they all look like witches kind of?

It could be Shugo Chara. I think it's Ojamajo Doremi (Magical Doremi). 3 main girls are witches. Red, Yellow, Blue witch outfits.

Is there going to be a My Little Pony episode after magical mystery cure?

Yes, but not for a while. Magical Mystery Cure was the last episode of season 3. There will be a season 4 but no release data has been announced.

What is ojamajo doremi?

Ojamajo Doremi Is a popular Anime in Japan, made by Toei Animation. There are 4 seasons, and an OVA season. It is about 7 girls, who are training to become witches. In season one, there are five girls, Doremi Harukaze, Hazuki Fujiwara, Aiko Seno, Poppu Harukaze (Doremi's Little sister) and another girl that comes in on the 30th episode, Onpu Segawa. In season two, The girls (but not Poppu) travel to Majo Kai, the witch world in seek of a lady called Majo Rika, who is also in the first season, the woman that trains them to become withces. But Majo Rika is a Witch Frog, because human girls revealed her to be a witch. In this season, another girl is added to the group, Hana Makihatayama, but she is a baby that the 5 girls must take care of. In season 3, another girl is added to this group, from America, Momoko Asuka. She used to live in japan, but moved to America when she was young and doesn't remember much Japanese. In season 4, Hana Makihatayama uses her magic to turn her into a girl that is Doremi's age, and goes to school with her. This Is the last season But in between, there is an OVA season, Naisho, which means Secret in english. This is Just little stories about each of the girls, from the season Motto. i hope this helped =)

When they will show Rosario vampire season 3 in Philippines?

There is no season 3.

What are the release dates for Super Short Show - 2002 Mickey's Magical Christmas 1-3?

Super Short Show - 2002 Mickey's Magical Christmas 1-3 was released on: USA: 28 January 2002

When does season 3 of My Little Pony start?

Season 3 began in 2013. The show just began its fifth season.

When will season 3 air for the tv show orangutan island?

There will be no 3rd season

Will Finn be replaced in season 3?

no. he is in the show till the end of season 4.

What is the next episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic after Magical Mystery Cure?

Well Magical Mystery Cure was the last episode of season 3. There are no episodes after it, until season 4. It was released on Nov. 23rd 2013, as a two-parter entiteld "Princess Twilight."

What is the next episode of your little pony friendship is magic after mystery magical cure?

Magical Mystery Cure is from season 3, episode 13 (s3e13). It is also the last episode of season 3 of MLP:FiM. Therefore, there isn't another episode after that, for the season.On Nov. 23, 2013, season 4 started with a two-parter, and it was entitled "Princess Twilight Sparkle(part 1 & 2)"