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Charlie Pace died in Season 3, episode Through the Looking Glass

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The character Charlie from the TV show Lost died in season 3 from drowning.

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Q: How does charlie from lost die in season 3?
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Will lost bring charlie back?

no he drowns in season 3 episode 22 he has an appearance in season 6 episode 1 but that is a flashback of the plane journey

How many episodes are on Lost SEASON 3?

Season 3 has 22 episodes.

When will Season 3 of Good Luck Charlie come out?

It already did.

Will there be a season 3 of lost tapes?

Yes. There are currently 5 seasons of Lost tapes and 1 season on tv.

Who wins in the next star?

Dunnery Bond-season 1, tianda-season 2, Diego-Season 3 and Melissa "Charlie"-Season 4.

How many episodes does Lost season 3 have?


When will season 3 of Good Luck Charlie air?

May 6, 2012

What season in charmed does piper die?

In season 3

When does Good Luck Charlie season 3 air in Canada?

December the 2nd 2013

When does Good Luck Charlie season 3 come to netflix?

Most likely when the season finishes, so sometime in early 2013.

What is the name of the baby who plays Toby in Good Luck Charlie?

in season 3 is Jake Cinoa, and in season 4, is Logan Moreau

When will season 4 kick off for Good Luck Charlie?

season 3... there hasnt been a 3 so obviously 4 wont be for a while... well season 3 will kick off on may 6th 2012