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It's called Unmei by Strawberry Panic.

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Q: What is the dramatic song that Etoile play piano in episode 11 on strawberry panic?
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What episode in strawberry panic does Nagisa and Etoile kiss?

Nagisa and Shizuma kiss in episode 12 and 26.

In what episode of strawberry panic does yaya kiss hikari?

I am pretty sure it happens at the end of episode 13, but continues in the beginning of episode 14.

Is the American version of strawberry panic the same as the Japanese version with subtitles?

Strawberry Panic was originally Manga. The author of Strawberry Panic is Japanese. So I doubt there is a American Version. However, this question can be taken a different way. If you mean an American Animation that incorporates the genres of Strawberry Panic than maybe yes. The genres of Strawberry Panic is Romance, Yuri and Drama. It is best to go on a Search Engine to find out if there is any. If you don't know what Yuri is then it means Lesbians. You would know if you have watched it

How can you be like Nagisa Aoi from Strawberry Panic?

you can be like Nagisa from strawberry panic by praying and being really sweet to your friends and act mysterious at the same time

What is the name of Kagome's bear in Strawberry Panic?


What show's pilot episode was called Panic at Malibu Pier?

episode Panic at Malibu Pier

Will there ever be new episodes of Strawberry Panic?

No, the series is complete.

Is strawberry panic a lesbian anime show?

Yes. Yes it is.

Who plays as hikari on strawberry panic?

Hikari Konohana is voiced by Miyu Matsuki .

Who acts as Ichigo in strawberry panic and Tokyo mew mew?

The same people!

What episode of Full Metal Panic did chidori give sousuke a haircut?

full metal panic the second raid episode 6 edge of heaven

How would you rate Strawberry Panic on a 1-10 ratio?

I would rate it at an 11