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Yes. Yes it is.

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Q: Is strawberry panic a lesbian anime show?
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What site sHow is lesbian anime?

There is a show called Strawberry panic that is an anime show.You can watch this show on youtube or

What is the anime were the military asingnes a soldier to protecect a girl and the soldier has to become a student for a cover and the show ends up becoming a mecha?

The anime is called Full Metal Panic.

Is there a anime show for kids?

"Pokemon" and "Sailor Moon" remain some of the top "kid-friendly" choices in terms of anime. "Cardcaptor Sakura" is another great choice, as are "Strawberry Marshmellow" and "Tokyo Mew Mew".

When was Lesbian Show created?

Lesbian Show was created in 1997.

Which websites show free anime show is online?

You can watch free anime show at anikat,planetbleach 4 bleach anime only and youtube.

Whom should you show your anime story so that he or she can turn it to a anime show?

try writing to different anime companies. :)

What is the duration of Anime Talk Show?

The duration of Anime Talk Show is 660.0 seconds.

Are super heros anime?

no they are not unless they are from an anime show

When was Anime Talk Show created?

Anime Talk Show was created on 2004-11-04.

Is there an Anime show about the Vocaloids?

Unfortunately, no. Many fans (like me) are hoping there will be a Vocaloid Anime show.

Is there an anime show for hot gimmick?

There is no anime for Hot Gimmick.

What is is the anime show called where a boy dresses like a girl to get into an all-girls class because of his crush on the teacher?

Sounds a little like "I My Me Strawberry Eggs", but not exactly.