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A compressed lightsaber has a regular 'pulse' to it. If you look at it you can see the pulsing energy that flows through it.

A regular lightsaber is a standard beam of light without any actual effects on it.

An unstable lightsaber doesn't really have that defined shape and the energy looks as though it's pouring out of the lightsaber.

If you really look at each lightsaber effect you can see why they are really named as they are.

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Q: What is the difference between compressed unstable and regular lightsaber crystals on Star Wars The Force Unleashed?
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find them

Where are the Lightsaber crystals force unleashed?

they change the color of the blade. dude WE! mean where are they at says where not what dumbshit ^!

What is the cheatcode to unlock the black lightsaber crystals on star wars the force unleashed 2?

There isn't one.

How do you get a double-saber hilt in force unleashed?

To my knowledge there is no style that allows you to change lightsaber styles. The only thing customizable are costumes, lightsaber crystals, and force upgrades.

What is the cheat code for all lightsaber crystals for Star Wars the force unleashed for ps2?

According to IGN, there isn't one. Sorry.

What do color crystals do Star Wars force unleashed other than making your lightsaber different colors?

Nothing. They just help you complete the game, and let you make you lightsaber different colors.

What is the difference between star wars the force unleashed ii and star wars the force unleashed ii collector's edition?

in the collecters edition, you get a usb shaped like the apprentice , which has stuff on it like concept art , you also get 2 yellow lightsaber crystals and a free costume

A map for all the lightsaber crystals in Star Wars the force unleashed for Wii?

Sorry, but there isn't a map. I've had the Wii version for 4 years and I can still never find all the crystals or all the holocrons

Where are the color crystels in Star Wars force unleashed?

There are several different locations for the lightsaber color crystals in The Force Unleashed. And the locations vary by game platform (in other words, the locations are different for the Wii version, PS3 version, etc.)

Are there black lightsaber crystals in kotor 2?


Is there an all lightsaber crystals for Star Wars force unleashed Wii version?

Yes there is. The code is "HURRIKANE." But be aware that enabling this code will remove all lightsaber related Holocrons on the current saved game file, thus blocking the "Holocron Collector"achievement from being earned.

Is there a cheat for all color crystals on Force Unleashed?

Sadly, no because they probably thought u would finish the game to fast.:(