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Tsubasa Chronicles and Xxxholic are from Clamp. The two manga/anime sets in the same time but different world. But because of Sakura of Tsubasa losing her memories, they come for aid to the dimensional witch of xxxholic. Thus begins Shaoran adventure to cross dimensions to look for sakura's wings. Here's a spoiler, Watanuki of xxxholic is directly connected to Shaoran. There are different world or dimensions but in every world there's the same spirit.

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O.K. Think about this for a few seconds..... Don't you see Characters from Cardcaptor Sakura in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles? So from your perspective don't you think these two shows are related? And if Xxxholic has the dimensional witch from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle? Don't you think all these are connected one way or another?

So YES more then likely these series are connected don't you think so or at least agree too?

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Q: What is the connection between tsubasa chronicles and xxxholic?
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Does tsubasa have a connection with xxxholic?

ya there is a huge connection

Is Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles part of cardcaptor?

No, but they have some of the same characters just younger. I'm pretty sure XXXHolic has more of a connection.

Is tsubasa reservoir chronicles continuing?

No. Tsubasa has finished its serialization in Japan. It should be finished here in North America pretty soon. However, the characters of Tsubasa will be making occasional appearances in its sister manga, xxxHOLIC

Are there anymore animes from the creator of tsubasa chronicles?

"Clamp" has also produced XXXholic , Cardcaptor Sakura , Chobits , and a number of manga graphic novels .

What came first Xxxholic or Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle?

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle comes before XXXHolic. Oh and by the way, Cardcaptor Sakura comes before Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

How many manga's to tsubasa?

tsubasa chronicles or captain tsubasa?

Which animes did CLAMP make?

Angelic Layer Cardcaptor Sakura Chobits Clover Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle xxxHolic

At tsubasa chronicles what episode is it whe Fay turns into a vampire?

Episode 2, at Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations.

Where can you read Tsubasa online for free?

You can read Tsubasa Chronicles online for free at either or

What chapter starts vol 16 of Tsubasa?

If It's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, then Chapter 117. "The Wandering Soul"

Is tsubasa chronicles episode 53 out yet?

I believe so.

In tsubasa chronicles what chapters does fay star in?

Pretty much all of them.