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basically she didn't like being alive so long she thought it was hell, so the contract is for Leclouch to kill her once his Geass is powerful enough to take her code (the symbol that appears on her head)

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In the first episode of Code Geass, CC makes a contract with Lelouch in which he will receive a geass which gives him the power of control in return that when he is in the final stages of geass, he will grant CC's wish of dying.

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CC loves lelouch because he has alway been there for her and she has shown feelings from the beginning of the story

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Q: What is the Contract CC gave to Lelouch?
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Who did lelouch love?

Lelouch vi Britannia loved his sister Nunnally vi Britannia the most, and he was willing to do anything to create a better world for her. However, he also had complex relationships with other characters in the series, such as Shirley Fenette and C.C.

How can lelouch in code geass r2 be alive?

There are many theories as to how Lelouch could have survived the portrayed ending of Code Geass R2. One of these is that Lelouch took CC's code, thereby fulfilling his contract with her, and allowing for himself to survive.

Does cc like lelouch?

No Lelouch first likes Shirley but after she dies eventually begins to like Kallen

Who does cc like?

Well, romantically its definitely Lelouch

Does lelouch fall in love with kallen?

I think its C.C. ....But I'm a fan of Shirlelouch or Shrley

How did code geass lelouch of rebellion2 end?

Lelouch told suzaku to kill him using the sword of zero because lelouch had destroyed the world and then recreated it then he died. Lelouch gave suzaku his geass because he told him that he couold never be suzaku kururugi again thus giving birth to the Zero Requiam. Before Lelouch had died he told zero/suzaku to watch over nunnally because she has become the new queen of britania so nothing happened to suzaku except he can no longer be suzaku he is forced to become zero and he is forced to become zero because lelouch one asked him to and two lelouch gave suzaku his power of geass.

Does lelouch fall in love with cc?

As this is still a story, the existence of the pairing depends on the authors' decisions. Some believe he will because CC is the only one who knows all of Lelouch's secrets (and if you believe the 'Lelouch did not die' theory, they are also both immortal). Some believe he won't because Code Geass seems to be a shounen anime and pairings just for the sake of have romance (not plot) are rare. Whatever your opinion, this information is not significant to the overall plot of the series. The story carries on fine without it so this decision may be left to the thoughts of the audience. LELOUCH IS ALIVE HE IS THE CARAVAN DRIVER.....=^_^= I Wold like to add a bit more To prove he is alive if Some don't belive One prime example You see it in several parts of Code geass and hear abut it to but lalush has a Geas that C.C has so She is a witch she is also imortal and cant die enless her contract is broken with Lalush or other words he dies she will also HINT also that when Lelouch fights his father he gains a stat of his geas in both eyes if u look caruflly his father is also imortal bc he has the state of both geass in his eyes same as CC And there are more out comes just takes to long to go in detale Lelouch is The Caravan driver why wold it not be CC is alive on top of Talkign to him aka she said " Isent that right Lelouch"

Who does lelouch love?

Well, he loves Shirley. But, he loves CC most... not to include Nunnally, his sister, he loves Nunnally more than the other girls...

Is Lelouch single?

No, Lelouch is not single.

Did lelouch kiss shirley?

yes he did.*Really shirley kissed lelouch first so lelouch just did wut she wanted 2 do w/ lelouch*lelouch loves her he proved it on episode 14 Geass VS Geass. so yeah lelouch kissed her

Who will be the lover of lelouch?

It was practically CC because he really showed he cared about her in most of the episodes, although he cared just as much for Shirley, but it's pretty obvious he loved CC the most because she knew everything about him, and she also cared for him as well, so it was CC he loved the most.

In code geass which episodes did cc kiss lelouch?

the first one is in episode 25 from season one. and their next kiss is on the first episode of season 2