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I think aj's favorite color is hot-pink & kelly-green.

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orange, cranberry and black

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side to Sid

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Q: What is is AJ Michalka Favorite Color?
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What nicknames does AJ Michalka go by?

AJ Michalka goes by A.J..

What is aj michalkas' real name?

Her Real name is Amanda Joy Michalka Aj because Amanda Joy

What is aj favorite color?

AJ Styles favorite color is Blue

What is AJ Michalka's full name?

Amanda Joy Michalka

What kindbrand cell phone does Aly AJ Michalka use What color is it?

she uses apple!!not suree what color!♥

Were can you dress up Aly and Aj?

You can go 2 and click "Dolls" and click "Singers" and on the box type in Aly Michalka 2 or just Aly Michalka or AJ Michalka 2 or AJ Michalka. Hope this helped!

Who is older Aly or AJ Michalka?

AJ Michalka is 18 years old and will be 19 on April 10.Aly Michalka is 21. Born March 25.

How many sisters does Alyson Michalka have?

Just one. Amanda Michalka known as "AJ Michalka"

Who sang the song It's Who You Are during the ending credits of the movie Secretariat?

AJ Michalka!!!! "It's Who You Are" Written by Randall Wallace Performed by Amanda Michalka (as AJ Michalka)

How old is AJ Michalka?

Amanda Joy "AJ" Michalka is 26 years old (birthdate: April 10, 1991).

AJ Michalka is a?

singer / songwriter

What Is Amanda Michalka's middle name?

Amanda "AJ" Michalka's middle name is Joy.