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Q: Who played the oldest daughter in secretariat?
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Who played Cher's oldest daughter in Mermaids?

winnona ryder

Who played the oldest daughter on One Day at a Time?

Mackenzie Phillips

How did they made the 5 horses played as Secretariat in the Secretariat film?

they didnt

Do the Duggars have an oldest daughter?

Yes. everyone who has daughters has an oldest daughter. they also have a youngest daughter.

Who played Secretariat in the movie?

Secretariat was actually played by 5 different horses. 4 thoroughbred and a quarter horse

Who was Secretariat's dam?

Secretariat's dam was Somethingroyal (1952-1983). She became the oldest broodmare to foal a Triple Crown winner at the age of 18 when she gave birth to her most famous offspring, Secretariat (Big Red).

Who is Terry Crews oldest child?

Naomi Crews ; She's the Oldest , But She's not His Biological Daughter ..His Oldest Is Azerial .. She's The Biological Oldest Daughter .

Who was secretariat in secretariat?

secretariat was actually played by three different horses. three thoroughbreds and a quarter horse. each horse got a "makeover" in order to look exactly like secretariat.

What was Galileo oldest daughter named?

Galileo oldest daughter was named Maria Celeste Galilei

Did Sean Astin's real daughter play in Lord of the Rings?

Yes. Sean Astin's oldest daughter, Alexandra, played the role of Elanor Gamgee, and Sarah McLeod's (who played Rosie Cotton) daughter, Maisy, played the role of "Baby" Gamgee.

Who plays Detective Stabler's daughter on SVU?

Detective Stabler's oldest daughter Maureen was played by Erin Broderick.His middle daughter, Kathleen, was played by Holiday Segal in the first season, and Allison Sika in seasons 3-10. His youngest daughter, Elizabeth (Lizzie) was played by Patricia Cook.

What is the name of Madonna's oldest daughter?

The name of Madonna's oldest daughter is Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon.

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