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Aly Michalka is now presently starring in Hellcats. She did belong to a band she formed with her sister named Aly and AJ. The sisters are now reinventing themselves, adopting the name 78violet as their new band name.

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Q: Is aly in hellcats from aly and aj?
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Are aly and aj sister?

yes. aly and aj michalka are sisters yeah. aly is 2 years older than AJ

Is aly and aj gay?

Well in some of their sings they looked like totally messed up you should cheak out the song potential breakup song that was mad weird

Is Aly from Aly Aj in twilight?

No, Aly from Aly & AJ is not in the Twilight movie series. Aly & AJ are talented musicians and actresses but they did not appear in any of the Twilight films.

Who is cuter ALY or AJ?


Which one is Aly out of aly and aj?

Aj keeps the same type of hair Aly keeps changing her hair style.

Who's AJ that was Joe Jonas girl friend?

Aj is THE sister of aly michalka they have a band called Aly AND AJ.

Who is aj the girl that Joe Jonas dated?

She's from the band Aly & AJ. Aly's her sister.

Is the name of aly and aj's second album?

Aly and AJ's second album is called Insomniatic.

Who born first aj or aly?

Aly was the firstborn

How tall are aly and aj?

Don't know, but he's a mental pygmy.

What actress plays marti perkins on hellcats?

aly michalka

Who was on phill of the future ally or Aj?

Aly was on the show Aly was on the show Aly was on the show Aly was on the show