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it gave katniss hope when she was starving and trying to feed prim and her mother

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no se

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Q: What is importance of the dandelion on Chapter 4 in The Hunger games?
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What page is chapter nineteen on in the Hunger Games?

chapter 19 in hunger games is on page 247

What does leanindod means in hunger games as unscramble?

Leanindod means dandelion! I have the himework

How did katniss get gurt in chapter 12 of the Hunger Games?

read the hunger games to find out!

What is your favorite chapter in the Hunger Games?

Chapter 5 ♥

What does the dandelion do in The Hunger Games?

it means spring and katniss goes to the meadow to get edible plants

What is the setting of Chapter 18 in the Hunger Games?

Katniss is in the Arena (the forest area) for the Hunger Games. This is also the chapter where Rue is killed by Marvel.

What page is chapter 10 of the Hunger Games?

The page number at the beginning of chapter 10 in the Hunger Games is page 133. :-)

What page is chapter 11 on in Hunger Games?

chapter seven is on page 86 in the hunger games.

What chapter in the hunger games does she meet rue?

at chapter 18 or 19

What is chapter 4 in the hungry games about?

Its not the hungry games its the hunger games

What page does Chapter 27 of Hunger Games start?

Chapter 27 of The Hunger Games (in the hardcover edition) begins on page 368, and ends on 374.

What is the authors purpose in chapter 6 of the Hunger Games?

Hunger Games is highly inappropriate, so I will not answer this question.