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Q: What is displayed on the screen as a double dotted line?
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In Excel what is displayed between columns to indicate page breaks?

A dotted line.

When changing a column width by dragging the boundary line to the right or left a is displayed to indicate the new width.?

dotted line

When changing a column width by dragging the boundary line to the right or left what is displayed to indicate the new width?

dotted line

When formatting marks are displayed a manual page break is indicated in the document by a?

dotted line with the words Page Break in the middle of the line

What is displayed by dragging the boundary width column in Excel?

You will see a pop up with the width of the column. You will also see a dotted line going down the sides of the column. You will also see the line with the double arrow as the mouse pointer.

How do you insert dotted lines in word?

1) Draw a simple line using Auto Shapes. 2) Double click on that line to open FormatBox, in that select dotted or dashed line option as desired.

What is a dot in music?

After a note it makes the duration 50% longer (i.e. x 1.5). Thus a dotted half = 3 quarters (instead of two for an un-dotted quarter), a dotted quarter = 3 eighths, etc. A double-dotted note (two dots after it) is 75% longer, so a double-dotted half = 7 eighths (half + a quarter + an eighth). Two dots (vertically) before a double-bar line means repeat back, to either the closest mirror-image dotted double-bar, or (if that's not there) the start.

Equivalent of a blank line of text displayed between each line of text in a paragraph?

Double Spacing

What does a dotted line between connectors indicate?

The dotted line between two connectors indicates a relationship. The relationship is not a permanent one, hence the line is dotted rather than solid.

Is dotted an adjective?

Dotted can be a verb and an adjective.Verb: The past tense of the verb dot.Adjective: A line made up of a series of dots (e.g. sign the dotted line)

What is a dotted line?

A line made of dots

What does the dotted line indicate?

................................... Dotted lines: a series of dots. "Sign on the dotted line." An expression meaning sign where indicated. it can also mean like this: ------------------------------------- but that would usually be called a dashed line