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There is no particular name for it... its just the measure that you repeat from the starting at the first double bar line (the first double bar is on the left side of the measure, the second on the right.)

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Q: Name the measure that has a double bar line?
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What is the distance between two bar lines called?

the double bar line thankz I believe it is not the double bar line it is called the measure because the double bar line is at the end of a peice of music Do not Say thank you to him/her who wrote first GOT IT?!?!?!?!?! See ya later!:]

What is a bar-line in music?

A bar line divides a staff into bars or measures. Each measure (or bar) will contain a certain number of notes, rests, possible sharps or flats and may include other musical markings. Each measure is governed by a time signature and a key signature and a clef.

Name All the types of graphs?

line plot,double bar graph, bar graph pie chart

What are the lines at the end of the piece of music called?

A double bar - a thin line followed by a thick line - signifies the end of a piece of music. On occasion the word "Fine" (fee-nay) accompanies this symbol.

What is a double line or bar graph?

what is a double line orbar graph

What is A Bar-line?

A type of a bar lines which single line that divides the staff into measure

Does the main beat in every measure happen right before the bar line?

No, it is usually right after the bar line. The note right after the bar line is the first note of the measure, which usually receives the most emphasis.

What is made up of a bar line?

a measure

What is the end piece of music called?

A double bar line

Where would you find a double bar line?

is = in math

What double bar line indicates?

A double bar line indicates the end of a section or piece of music. It is typically used to separate distinct sections within a composition, such as verses and choruses in a song or movements in a classical piece.

What is at the end of a music staff?

If it's at the end of a music piece, a double bar line. It looks like a thin, vertical line, with a thicker, vertical line to the right of it. If it's not the end of a piece, usually a measure ends it (a thin vertical line), but not always. Sometimes the measure continues into the next line, in which there is nothing at the end of the staff.