What is date in Spanish?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is date in Spanish?
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Is harry edward styles part spanish?

No He Is Not Part SpanishHe Said In magazine Interview He would Like to Date a Girl who isSpanish Or Knows how to speak Spanish Cause He Wants to learn Spanish & He Finds Them Very Attractive :)

What type of race do the Jonas Brothers will date?

the Jonas Brothers aren't racist if that's what you're trying to get at. You can see from previous girlfriends that they would date any race. Taylor Swift, American, Camilla Belle, Spanish BEAUTY, Miley Cyrus, American, Selena Gomez, Mexican, Danielle Deleasa, Spanish-Italian, Jordan Pruitt, Spanish, and though they didn't date her, the boys have a close relationship with Demi Lovato, Mexican-Italian. Proving that the Jonas Brothers don't have a problem with any race. It probably depends on your personality if you're one of those girls (or boys...) who wants to marry them and have a thousand babies and be the spotlight in Hollywood and blah blah BLAH blah BLAHHHHHHH cuz I'm sure they don't find stalkers in anyway creepy....

Is Pittbull Spanish?

No. Pittbull is Hispanic and speaks Spanish (Cuban American), but he is not ethnically Spanish.

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Edward is Spanish in Twilight. He was dying of Spanish Influenza.That's retarded! No one in Twilight is Spanish! Just because you have the Spanish influenza doesn't mean your Spanish. Influenza is like the flu! You don't have to be in to be Spanish or in Spain.Does it say anywhere in the book that he wasn't Spanish? That's what i thought! and i know it doesn't say anything about him being Spanish, but he was the best chance!!!!!There is one person in Twilight that is Hispanic, and does speak Spanish. She is in Breaking Dawn; Carmen from the Denali Coven, Tanya's older sister, the Cullen's 'Cousin' for the most part. -D

Why Does Roddy Moreno of the Oppressed have a Spanish surname?

probably part of his family is Spanish, numerous Spanish people resided in England and Wales during the Spanish civil war, to escape the conflict

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What is fecha in Spanish?

"Fecha" is Spanish for date (as in "date of the month", not as in "to go on a date")

What does date mean in spanish?

"Date" in Spanish can mean both "give me" (as in "Date prisa" - hurry up) and "date" (as in the calendar date).

Why do the Spanish and English give different dates about the Spanish armada invasion?

The English say the date that they left but the Spanish say the date of the first attack.

The date in spanish?


Date french and spanish enter rev war? parents are spanish...

How do you say hot date in spanish?

Hot date - fecha caliente

What is the Spanish word for date?


How do you wright the date in spanish?


What is the spanish word fecha?


Would Nick Jonas date someone who was not white maybe like someone who is spanish?

I think Nick Jonas will date some one who was spanish or or Italian or what ever you are cause i think if he really liked you he would date you i am spanish and i think he would date some one like that

How do you say Save the date in Spanish?

Save the date is: Reserva la fecha.

What does fecha mean in spanish?

means "date" i.e: the date is 01-01-2010it means date