Who is Spanish in twilight?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Edward is Spanish in Twilight. He was dying of Spanish Influenza.

That's retarded! No one in Twilight is Spanish! Just because you have the Spanish influenza doesn't mean your Spanish. Influenza is like the flu! You don't have to be in to be Spanish or in Spain.

Does it say anywhere in the book that he wasn't Spanish? That's what i thought! and i know it doesn't say anything about him being Spanish, but he was the best chance!!!!!

There is one person in Twilight that is Hispanic, and does speak Spanish. She is in Breaking Dawn; Carmen from the Denali Coven, Tanya's older sister, the Cullen's 'Cousin' for the most part. -D

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Q: Who is Spanish in twilight?
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How do you say Twilight in spanish?

"Twilight" in Spanish is "crepúsculo."

Where can you read Twilight in Spanish?

Twilight is sold in Spanish in just about every book store you can name plus Target and Wal-Mart

Twilight in Spanish?

echemos un vertedero

How do you spell sunset in spanish?

Sunset in Spanish is "puesta de sol" Crepúsculo is Twilight.

In the movie twilight what flu was going on?

the spanish influenza!

What is twilight' in Spanish?

"Crepúsculo" is a Spanish equivalent of "twilight."The Spanish word is a masculine noun. Its singular definite article is "el" ("the"). Its singular indefinite article is "un, uno" ("a, one").The pronunciation is "kreh-POO-skoo-loh."

What language does crepusculo derive from?

Crepusculo derives from the Spanish Language and means twilight. Its relative in English - crepuscular refers to animals that are generally active during the twilight hours. Crepusculo is also the Spanish title for the popular American novel, "Twilight".

What was Edward dying from?

Spanish influenza. It even says it in twilight

In the 2008 movie Twilight what kind of flu he had?

Spanish Influenza..

What illness succumbed Edward's parents in 'Twilight'?

The spanish influenza

Twilight what did Edwards parents die of?

they died of spanish influenza

How did Edward Cullen change in twilight?

He was dying of the Spanish Influenza, Carlisle saved him.