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In the young adult book saga "Twilight," Edward Cullen's birthday is June 20, 1901. He was turned into a vampire by Carlisle during the Spanish Influenza, though he appears to look no older than Bella's age: 17. "Twilight" is a story about a girl who falls in love with a vampire, and this book contributed to the vampire craze that swept the nation.

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Q: What is Edwards birthday in the book twilight?
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In twilight was Bella scared when she found out Edwards secret in the book and movie twilight?

she wasnt scared in the book or the movie

What was the name of the unfinished book of The Twilight Saga?

Midnight sun - Twilight from Edwards perspective

Who did Bella and Edwards wedding in the twilight book series?

Alice planned Bella and Edwards wedding.

What composer was playing in Edwards car in the book Twilight?


What happens in the fifth book of twilight series?

there is no "fifth book", well there is, but its the first book "twilight" in Edwards point of view, so nothing new really happens

From the book twilight what is Edwards full name?

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.

Where was prom held in the book Twilight?

In the book Twilight, the prom was held at the Forks High School gymnasium.

How many books will be in the new twilight series in Edwards point of view?

Their will be a book on Edwards point of view called " MidNight Sun

What is Stephenie Meyer's next book to be published?

Her next book is Midnight sun(twilight from Edwards point of view)

Is Bella in the 5 book of twilight?

If Midnight Sun is even going to be released as the 5th book, then yes Bella would be in it. It is just Twilight in Edwards point of view.

Who is reneesme in twilight book series?

Renesmee is bella and edwards daughter. She is named after bellas mom and Edwards "mom" by using a combination of their names.

What is Stephenie Meyer new book called?

The Twilight Series has the book titles Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn Its called Midnight Sun and its in Edwards opion