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the cheese chedered the cheese stick

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Q: What is an example of alliteration from the book Catching Fire?
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How menny pages are in the book Catching Fire?

There are 391 pages in the book Catching Fire

What comes after catching fire?

The book after Catching Fire is Mockingjay.

Why is Catching Fire an example of dystopian fiction?

because it is a awesome book and it is real story

Which book is better The Hunger Games or Catching Fire?

IMO, Catching Fire.

How meny pages is catching fire?

there are 391 pages in the book Catching Fire.

How many pages does Catching Fire book have?

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins has 391 pages.

What is the Catching Fire book about?

The book Catching Fire is about Katniss and her friends after her and Peeta win The Hunger Games. This is the second book in the Hunger Games Trilogy.

Is Catching Fire a drama book?


What month did Suzanne Collins write the book Catching Fire?

Catching Fire was released on September 1, 2009

What is the tone of the catching fire?

catching fire is political and a little bit violent but over all a great book

What is the sequel of the Hunger Games?

No, it is the first book in the trilogy. The second is 'Catching Fire' and the third is 'Mockingjay'.

What is the situation of catching fire?

Well there is a story called catching fire but not catching the fire if i now of but yea ummm catching fire is the 2th book from the hunger games the books autor is suzanne collins