What is a good last minute gift idea?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An apology letter for not remembering whatever you forgot.

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Q: What is a good last minute gift idea?
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What is a good last minute gift to give your grandpa?

An idea of a good gift to give at the last minute is a quick pair of socks.

What is a good last minute birthday gift?

Corn excrement.

What is a good last minute Christmas gift for mom?

a kiss and and a big hug

What is a good last minute gift for your mom?

If you can't go to the store and by anything probably a card and cookies or choclate.

What is a last minute gift on Christmas day?

A tablespoon.

What are some last minute gift ideas for babies?

A great idea for last minute baby shower gifts are things like diapers, wipes, essentials like that, or you can get things like soft toys,clothing and bath time stuff.

What are some last minute gift ideas?

There are many things one could give as a last minute gift. Among the more popular gifts would be gift cards. They are available at many larger grocery stores or drugstores.

What are some very good last minute gift ideas?

If it is for a special occasion, there are some websites with good suggestions like If the gift won't arrive in time, try a gift card from a local mall. This can be spend anywhere.

Where can someone find last minute gift ideas?

To find last minute gift ideas, one should consider what the person they are buying for likes, as well as a budget. Sites such as Amazon sell a variety of items and dispatch quickly.

Are there quick and easy Christmas presents for last minute?

get them a movie or something. gift cards are good last minute things... they don't really make it look like you've done it last minute, but more like you were unsure of what they would REALLY enjoy and you wanted to give them something they could put to good use. :) One year i got my dad a coffee mug at the last minute. it said #1 dad and he was the happiest guy ever. My dads face lit up like our Christmas tree!

Where could one find a good deal on last minute fares?

You can find a good deal on last minute fares at the Expedia website. Alternatively, you can also find these deals from websites such as HotWire and Last Minute Travel.

Is it a good idea to get last minute flights?

It is generally advised not to book flights at the last minute, because a person is required to check in luggage and passport at the airport, which takes time. Because of this and other unexpected delays, a person has a high possibility of missing their flight.