Is Eric Violette dead

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: Is Eric Violette dead
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Who are the backup singers with Eric Violette on TV commercials?

Mario Telaro on drums Vincent Charron on bass

When did Violette Szabo die?

Violette Szabo died on 1945-02-05.

How old was Violette Morris at death?

Violette Morris was born on April 18, 1893 and died on April 26, 1944. Violette Morris would have been 51 years old at the time of death or 122 years old today.

Is Eric turner dead?

Yes he died on May 28th 2000 at the age of 31

Who is Eric violette?

He's the actor/musician who appears as the lead singer in the FREE-CREDIT-REPORT-DOT-COM commercials. He is lip-synching the lyrics because he's French Canadian and has an accent though he speaks English fluently. Additional information. The "band" in the commercial doesn't exist. It is simply a group of actor/musicians who were put together by a casting director. However, all of the young men are real musicians and each has their own band in Canada. Beware: There are some imposter sites on Facebook who impersonate the actors and one which claims to be the official site of the band. The "official site of the band" on FaceBook is sponsored by the FreeCreditReport company, so it's a commercial site. The actors in the commercials have no connection with that site and do not participate in any of the postings. Eric Violette, the frontman for the "band", has formed his own group "God Against God" and is in the process of recording his first CD. Mario Telaro, the drummer, plays with "Engines of Peace" and "White Hounds", and has recently plays with "Tone Signal." Vince Charron, the bass player, is a professional musician and also plays in the Montreal area.

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What is the birth name of Eric Violette?

Eric Violette's birth name is Eric Jean Violette.

How tall is Eric Violette?

Eric Violette is 5' 10".

Is Eric violette in they might be giants?

No, Eric Violette is not a member of They Might Be Giants.

How was Eric Violette murdered?

Eric Violette - star of the ads on television - was not murdered.

Does Eric violette star in state farm commercial?

No, it was Eric Matos.

Who are the guys on the free credit report com commercials?

His name is Eric Violette (, a Canadian actor.

How much does Eric Violette make?

He was paid. Not lavishly.

Who is the singer in the Free credit report commercials?

Eric Violette

What happened to Eric violette?

He was brutually murdered about a year ago...

TV commercial performers for free credit report?

Eric Violette

Does Eric violette really sing in those commercials?

no. he lip syncs.

How many brothers and sisters does Eric violette have?

2 brother and 1 sister