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Mario Telaro on drums Vincent Charron on bass

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Q: Who are the backup singers with Eric Violette on TV commercials?
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Who is Eric violette?

He's the actor/musician who appears as the lead singer in the FREE-CREDIT-REPORT-DOT-COM commercials. He is lip-synching the lyrics because he's French Canadian and has an accent though he speaks English fluently. Additional information. The "band" in the commercial doesn't exist. It is simply a group of actor/musicians who were put together by a casting director. However, all of the young men are real musicians and each has their own band in Canada. Beware: There are some imposter sites on Facebook who impersonate the actors and one which claims to be the official site of the band. The "official site of the band" on FaceBook is sponsored by the FreeCreditReport company, so it's a commercial site. The actors in the commercials have no connection with that site and do not participate in any of the postings. Eric Violette, the frontman for the "band", has formed his own group "God Against God" and is in the process of recording his first CD. Mario Telaro, the drummer, plays with "Engines of Peace" and "White Hounds", and has recently plays with "Tone Signal." Vince Charron, the bass player, is a professional musician and also plays in the Montreal area.

Who is Scott halberstadt?

Scott Halberstadt is an actor who is best known for his work as Eric on Nickelodeon's Drake and Josh and as the At&t guy from the Alltel wireless commercials. Other notable appearances include Grandma's Boy, Smokin' Aces, The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and dozens of commercials.

Who are famous male singers with surname beginning with e?

Elton John, Eminem, Eazy E, Elvis, Eddie Money, Enrique Iglesias, Eamon, Eddie Vedder, Eric Benet, Eric Clapton, Elliott Smith, Edwin McCain, Easton Corbin, Roger Emerson,

Who is Marcy Levy?

Backup singer for Eric Clapton. Also wrote some lyrics for his songs, specifcally "The Core" and "Lay Down Sally." She's had some solo success under the name Marcella Detroit.

What is the song played in friends season 3 in the end of episode 6?

For the actual episode, it was Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. It can be found on the album, Timepieces - The Best of Eric Clapton.In later commercials that contained this scene, the music playing was He is Everything You Want, by Vertical Horizon.

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Who is the singer in the Free credit report commercials?

Eric Violette

Does Eric violette really sing in those commercials?

no. he lip syncs.

Who are the guys on the free credit report com commercials?

His name is Eric Violette (, a Canadian actor.

What is the name of the guy singing the freecreditreportcom songs in their commercials?

Eric Violette...he's french.

Who is the guitar player in the Free Credit commercials?

Eric Violette Check out:

What is the birth name of Eric Violette?

Eric Violette's birth name is Eric Jean Violette.

Who are the actors in the freecreditreportcom commercials?

The main actor is Eric Violette. His website is: And, yes, he is a hottie!!!

How tall is Eric Violette?

Eric Violette is 5' 10".

Is the older woman in the many free credit reportdotcom commercials Eric violette's mother?

No, that's not Eric's mother - she's a character actress in Montreal.

Eric Violette Lip Sync?

if you are refering to the commercials, the answer is yes. Due to his accent U.S. versions of the ads are dubbed. The commercials only aired in the U.S. - there are no other versions. The commercials aren't dubbed ... Eric Violette is lip-syncing to pre-recorded songs by Dave Muhlenfeld of the Martin Agency, who is also the "voice" of the guy.

Is Eric violette in they might be giants?

No, Eric Violette is not a member of They Might Be Giants.

How was Eric Violette murdered?

Eric Violette - star of the ads on television - was not murdered.