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Spice girls, pussycat dolls, or cheetah girls.

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Q: What is a famous all-female band?
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What band was the most famous?

the most famous band to me was GUNS N ROSES!!!!!!!!!

When was Famous Maroon Band created?

Famous Maroon Band was created in 1902.

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REALLY FAMOUS THEY ARE AWESOME!!!! they are famous they are famous they are famous!!

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Ian Gillan is famous for being in the English rock band 'Deep Purple'. He joined the band in 1969, and resigned from the band in 1973 after problems with other band members.

Is Fahrenheit band famous in Taiwan?

Yes, they are famous in Taiwan

Is green day band one of the most famous band in the world?

yes they are they are actually the 3rd most famous bands

What band is more famous pantera or kiss?

Both very famous, but Kiss is the answer. Should you ask which band is better? Pantera

What famous person played the trumpet in band?

There are several famous people that all started out playing trumpet in their school band.

A famous band starting with the letter k?

The rock band - Kiss

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Les Brown is a famous musician. He is best known for his bands, but his most famous band is His Band of Renown. His lyrics, to some, are known as inspirational.

Is skillet a famous band?


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He's in a band?