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electric Prunes

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Q: Whom is a famous band beginning with E?
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Musical band beginning with the letter E?

* The Eagles * ELO (Electric Light Orchestra)

Famous band or musician that starts with an e?

eagles earth, wind and fire

A famous person beginning with e?

Elenor RooseveltAlbert Einstein, Ellen Degeneres

What is a famous artist or band or musician whose name begins with the letter e?


How old is Bruce Springsteen of the 'E' Street Band?

The E Street Band was founded in 1972 but was not formally named until September 1974. Bruce Springsteen has been with the band from the beginning and is still with the band today. He left for a brief period of time from 1989-1995.

What is a famous place that starts with an E at the beginning of the name?

Empire State Building is one.

Famous artist or band or musician whose name begins with the letter e?

Elvis Presley.

Who is a pop group beginning with e?

The Exciters were an American pop music group. Everlife is a pop rock band.

What are the names of famous people with first names beginning with e?

this question was answered earlier already:What_are_the_names_of_famous_people_whos_first_names_start_with_the_letter_E

What is Band-e Zuyar's population?

Band-e Zuyar's population is 63.

When was E. F. Band created?

E. F. Band was created in 1979.

When was E Street Band created?

E Street Band was created in 1972.