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Yes, but Dave left the band before Mellencamp became famous.

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Q: Was there ever a David Parman in John Mellencamp band?
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Who is the mandolin player in john mellencamp's band?

Miriam Sturm

Who was the violin player in the john mellencamp band in a vision shared?

Lisa Germano

Who is Miriam Sturm?

Currently (2009), Miriam Sturm is the violinist in the John Mellencamp Band.

Does John Mellencamp have any siblings?

John Mellencamp does have a brother named Joe who had a band in the mid seventies that played at a bar called the Serene located on the Ohio State Campus. the name of the band was Pure Jam. Joe continues to live in Columbus, Ohio.

Did Carl story play in Johnny Cougar's Band?

Carl did not play in Mellencamp's band. John Cascella (keyboards, sax, accordian) did and was associated with Carl in "The Faith Band" in the 70's-80's. Carl did play with Mellencamp's guitar player at one point around 2000.

Who is the guitarist in john mellencamp band?

Mike Wanchic: guitar; backing vocals Andy York: guitar; harmonica; backing vocals

What band spent the most weeks in the charts during the 80's?

Probably one of the following. John Mellencamp, Huey Lewis, Kool and the Gang and Journey.

What did you remember about John Lennon?

mark David Chapman killed him and was member of the Beatles rock band

What song has the lyrics crucifying john Lennon?

The Ballad of John and Yoko by John Lennon has the lyrics, "The way things are going, they're going to crucify me". The questioner might also be referring to a John Mellencamp song called "Key West Intermezzo (I saw you first)" where a line reads "This loud Cuban band is crucifying John Lennon." I always liked the wordplay of that line, as the band could be singing "The Ballad of John and Yoko", or they could just be doing a really crappy job of singing any John Lennon song.

What is the David bowee tribute band?

David Bowee are a Live 6 piece band tributing David Bowie, his band and their music. They are based in Hull, where David Bowie's original band came from.

Is David crowder band awesoome?

David Crowder band rocks

What was John Mellencamp's first song?

It's difficult to know- he formed his first band, 'Crepe Soul' at the age of just 14, but they never released any recordings of their songs, so how many may have been written by Mellencamp himself is not known. His first album, 'Chestnut Street Incident', came out in 1976- his first HIT song, 'I Need A Lover', got into the US charts in 1979.