What is Yuri manga?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yuri Manga is a japanese comic depicting lesbians and is normally for mature audiences

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Q: What is Yuri manga?
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What do you call lesbian anime?

Yaoi if it's boy-boy. Yuri if it's girl-girl.

What is the best online site to read Yuri manga?

um here you can got to this site on your right hand corner there will be up there manga directoryclick on that then click show options then check the word Yuri then click search then it will hav a long list of mangas with the genre Yuri.Hope this helps!~Chiyuki

What actors and actresses appeared in Manga Motion Comics - 2009?

The cast of Manga Motion Comics - 2009 includes: Chris Kent as Various Yuri Lowenthal as Hero Kevin Remington as Various

What is the name of a good lesbian manga?

Shoujo Sect and I Fell In Love For The First Timeare good yuri mangas, but they have mature content.

What are the different styles of manga i mean like drawing not gender specific?

Shoujo, Yaoi, Seinen, Yuri, etc. But it all depends on the type of manga story you will be drawing. For example, if you happen to be drawing a Shoujo type manga story then you will have to be more detailed especially in expressions.

Who created the Japanese manga known as Blue Drop?

The creator of the Japanese science fiction yuri manga "Blue Drop" is Akihito Yoshitomi. The anime first aired on June 27, 2004 and ended on December 27, 2005.

What does the word 'Yuri' mean when translated from Japanese to English?

there are several meanings to yuri depending on the kanji's a very common given name to female which means the manga and anime world, it's a genre involving girls-love/lesbians.

Can anyone suggest some Yuri manga as good as or better than Shoujo Sect?

sorry i dontknow but do you know any yurilike burst angel but with good ending?

Im looking for a good manga to read like absolute boyfriend?

If you like Absolute Boyfriend, you should try Hana Kimi, Hana Yuri Dango, Fushigi Yugi, and Bloody Kiss.

A supernatural Yuri manga about a girl who was born into another dimension popular and loved by her best friend a demon girl comes and tells her that she is hers now After her fake sister died she re?


What has the author Yuri Yegorov written?

Yuri Yegorov has written: 'Yuri Yegorov'

What is Yuri?

Yuri is the Russian name for "George". Yuri is also a Japanese name for "lily" Yuri could be a girl or boy name.